Vedic Math & English Vocabulary

Vishal BhatiaVishal Bhatia has done BA (Honours) in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce; a Masters in Finance from The London School of Economics; he is the recipient of Four International Scholarships globally; His interest areas are Vedic Maths, Ayurveda and Detox Yoga, Quizzing, Photography and Flying Trikes (powered para gliders). He helps kids with dyscalculia and also helps them prepare for exams such as the SAT and GRE. E-mail: [email protected];

Speed Maths Made Easy

This article will help you overcome your fear of Maths and help you emerge as Maths champions! The objective is to help kids get over their fear of basic Maths which will help them stand in good stead in the higher classes plus also help them in competitive exams such as the CAT for the IIMs and the CSAT for the Civil Services.

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Vocabulary for SAT

Whilst there are several word lists and books on Vocabulary available online and in the market, it pays to develop your own Vocabulary in order to crack the Verbal section on tests such as the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

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Why it Pays to do Maths in Classes 11 & 12?

This article discusses the importance of doing Maths in Classes 11 and 12 and how it can help with in a career in Actuarial Sciences – Actuaries is a growing field in India and globally. It is basically the application of Maths and Statistics we learn in Classes 11 & 12 to the domain of insurance practices, risk management and finance.

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Vedic Maths Makes Maths Fun and Easy !!

In Vedic Maths and the Hindu Decimal System of Numbers, there is a concept called Single Digit Number for all numbers which are double digits and bigger.

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20 Speed Maths Questions to Stump Any One !!

If you cannot answer 10 questions in the stipulated time limit of 20 minutes, you definitely need to learn Vedic Maths in order to hasten your mental calculation abilities. Vedic Maths will come in extremely handy for any kind of entrance exam wherein Maths is a section such as the CAT for the IIMs, SSB, SBI and other Banks’ Probationary Officer’s exams, NDA etc.

The answers will be given in the next edition with detailed explanations.

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It Pays To Do Vocabulary — Words ending in nym

The English language is replete with word roots from Greek and Latin. Interestingly the word Alphabet comes from the first two letters of the Greek Alphabet – Alpha and Beta.

In this article, we will begin with the first set of a series of articles which discovers the usage of the Greek root NYM which means name.

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