Aarya Sharma, Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Shimla

Sangeeta Sambhi, Keekli Intern

Shimla is the beautiful city of hills. The wanderers that are attracted to it, mostly belong to different demographic demarcations. The clear blue sky, makes one dive deep into its beauty. The green indented structures make it obvious as a decoration of its being. With its cultural heritage being one of the eye catchers for attracting an influx of wanderers, the aesthetic beauty of its curvy streets, also entices the travellers to recoup and rejuvenate on weekends, from the hectic schedules they hold otherwise. Prying the beauty of indented, and sometimes curvy thoroughfare, clouts a feeling of elation amongst the visitors.

In search of various sites, temples, research institutes, strolling on the Mall Road and Ridge, over the weekend, is a common trend found amongst the people of neighbouring states and cities. Not only this, visitors coming in from different countries, are as welcome to visit the place, as the ones coming in from domestic states. The residents are habitual of believing in the truth of shunting on roads that reverberate the visuals of brood being fed, at times, aegis of fluffy beings to their clan members, and the evanescent sunsets while walking back home from work, while it is in the shades of pink, purple, red or yellow, in the summers, on the same lapse of its purity, it is plain grey or dark blue, during the evening hours of usual winter day.

With visitors coming back and forth, the business of running hotels for small to medium staycations, is a primary source of income derivation for most of the residents of Shimla. As a resident of Shimla, one has to be immune to have rare rivalries with fluffy beings, on some days, there is the danger of landslides, on fewer days, of trees falling. But there is one problem, that this beautiful and dramatic city has still not been able to combat, and that is of the water shortage crisis. This dreamy city has more or less been at the risk of water insecurity.

The flow of water supply during the scorching heat of summers is more or less dependent upon the amount or volume of snowfall, recorded in the past year’s winters. There are days when water comes daily, and there are also days, when water comes on alternate days. The way water that is supplied to households is based on regions, the city has been divided into. In the Lakkar Bazar area, water is supplied on alternate days, likewise the needful is done in the Sanjauli area, Kaithu division, Mall, and Bemloi region, along with other distinctions. In some areas the supply is every third or fourth day.

Since the average volume of water carrying capacity of the tanks situated at homes in Shimla, is 1,000 litres, thereof, it leads to further hobbling problems of availability and accessibility. Shimla is a city where saving water seems to be a distant dream, than a realised one. Residents have to live without water for days, altogether. The situation gets stretched during the peak season of tourists, as the limited supply, is recklessly used and shared on nuances of public facility. There are times when residents have to stand in long ques to collect water from tankers present at stipulated ports. As per the statistics observed in the year 2022, the hoteliers too are experiencing a setback, in terms of extreme water shortage. Not only this, it also added to the misery of incurring huge losses due to the ongoing situation of pandemic, in the past two years.

The only solution that seems feasible in such a situation of crisis is paying exorbitant amount of money to the tankers, and availing the facility of water supply. This is the only solution, that aligns the resident’s and hotelier’s miseries. Although the government promises every year to provide subsidised rates of tankers, but nothing more than ground water being carelessly used is done. Until the public’s request of being provided with comfortable supply is not answered, the public, along with the hoteliers unite at combating yet another season of stretching their limits.



  1. damn, another report so beautifully executed. A true emotional tour de force, lovely writing and beautiful portrayal. thank you.


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