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Keekli Reporter, February, 2015, Wardha, Maharashtra

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor, it is to enjoy each step along the way” — these words by Wayne Dyer truly reflects upon 12 year old Esha who enjoys each and every moment of her performance as a dancer. Winner of the Chairman Award for Solo Cuttack Odisha 2013 and Late Shri Navin Manghrani Award 2013 Guwahati, Assam, Esha is now making her names as a prominent dancer in the Bharat Natyam dance form. What made her choose this field at such tender age she smilingly says, “It is my passion, and I just love dancing”.

Daughter of Ujjwal Kotharkar, an ITI Instructor, Esha developed interest in dance from a very young age. Her mother is a Mathematics teacher in CBSC school. Her father informs that Esha, as a small kid, used to watch TV programmes on dance and tried to copy different moves and steps. We observed her very carefully and thus encouraged her to take dance classes. She was merely three years old at that time and with various awards now under her cap she has truly been blessed as a dancer.

Esha started learning Bharat Natyam at a young age of five and her solo performance was at the Bal Kala Utsav 2012 New Delhi. As she turned 10, she was nominated to participate in the Malaysia junior group. She also participated in a national group dance competition in New Delhi and was awarded the First Prize. Her next participation was in Wardha Kala Mahotsav 2012, where she left her audience spellbound. It is noteworthy to mention that Esha has continuously won the Wardha Kala Mahotsav since last three years. Her participation in solo category at Pune in year 2013, won her the third prize in modern junior category, which ensured her a place to represent her country at the international level — Dubai. At the Cuttack Odisha she participated in solo dance, group dance and All India Multi Lingual Children/Youth Women’s play / Dance and Music Competition 2013, where she was again awarded the Chairman Award for Solo at the age of 11. In the year, 2013 she won the Late Shri Navin Manghrani Award 2013 in Guwahati Assam for her solo performance in dance.

Student of Bharat Dhyan Mandiram, Wardha, Maharashtra, Esha is student of Class Seven and her hobbies include dancing and drawing. She radiantly smiled and answered all our questions, “I feel very happy and am glad that my parents are satisfied as well as proud of my achievements. She adds that I have learnt various dance forms and am trying to excel in them. I know Kathak, semi-classical, Lavni, Beehu (Assamese folk) and Rajasthani folk. I don’t make any extra efforts to learn these dance forms as they come naturally to me. Rather I feel more energetic and lively after my dance practice or performances”. She further adds that my favourite dance form is semi-classical and Folk.

At present Esha is enrolled with Vedika Dance Academy Wardha Maharashtra under the guidance of her dance teacher Yashshree Fatinge. Esha says that dance practice and studies for me go side by side. “I daily devote about three to four hours for studies, and two hours for dance riyaz (practice). I do not find any problem as I enjoy both, my studies as well as my dancing. Dancing after my studies helps me relax better and gives me lots of energy to do my next task. At times I hardly realize how time flies when I am dancing”.

Though Esha is passionate about dancing, she says that I would like to become a doctor one day. It is my dream to join the medical profession and for its sake I would not like to compromise on my studies. I am working hard to achieve the same. My parents support me strongly and have helped me achieve all this so far. She finally adds, “Anything done should be done whole heartedly, as dedication and hard work speak for themselves. Put your best effort in each and every action, with no shortcuts and compromises and you shall shine like a star. Very strong words from a 12 year old but nevertheless very true !!! We wish her all the best in her future endevours.

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