He is an imaginative aspiring student, and he enjoys reading, learning about new technologies, and studying science and nature—but what he loves doing most of all is writing! He loves writing because it gives a constructive vent to his thoughts and emotions and helps him create awareness about various matters. He likes writing as it gives him a chance to express his feelings. It also sparks his creativity; writing is a lot of fun if you put your heart into it. Writing helps him create his very own world.

It is like you are the creator of your very own universe, where gravity does not need to exist, where laws of physics are different, where you can bring the characters alive or dead, where you can start a war or peace between nations, he can bring happiness & love between people in his stories, he can create awareness, motivation, inspiration what not he can do many things. That’s why his best daily work is W-R-I-T-I-N-G(Writing). He always had a dream of becoming an author and getting his stories published. He works hard to make his dream come true and become a fine writer.

Many of his stories, articles, and poems are published on online/offline platforms, and many are award winners. He has published 2 solo books, and his stories are in 16 anthologies till date. Some of his writings have been published in different online platforms and got selected in different competitions for his stories such as ‘Devil in Disguise’ and ‘Three sides of a coin’. He has been awarded with numerous certificates for my work like ‘BTB Storyteller of the year-2020’ and short story competition 2020 in KID ENGAGE and many more such awards.

Apart from getting recognition for his work, the happiest thing for him is people reading his stories! Blurb When Chris is admitted to the orphanage “House of Victory,” he has no idea that something awful is waiting for him! An evil warden, mean children, horrible punishments, and disgusting potato soup—will Chris have to stay in this house of horror forever? Full of twists and turns and suspense, The Odious Orphanage of Pape City takes you on a nail-biting adventure, keeping you hooked throughout! Full of twists and turns and narrated with dollops of humor and sprinkles of suspense, The Odious Orphanage of Pape City will strike a chord with you and keep you hooked throughout!

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