Add Fuel to the Fire


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Meaning: Whenever something is done to make a bad situation even worse than it is.

Once upon a time there lived a poor farmer in a village. He was very hardworking and a kind hearted man. After spending the entire day in his fields he could only manage to procure his two square meals. He had a very beautiful and caring wife who he loved more than anything in his life. She knew about the financial conditions of her house very well. She also tried her best to cut down on house expenses and meet the daily requirement at minimal amount.

Time passed and both were living happily when the ill fate crashed on them. His wife fell sick and had to undergo an expensive treatment. Somehow the farmer managed to meet the hospital expenses with his hard earned savings.

His wife required medical attention on every alternative month which was very expensive and hard to bear. As time passes, the farmer was in great trouble thinking about ways to meet the expenses. So finally he decides to mortgage his field.

He thought that the harvest season was around and he could easily repay the loan by selling his crop. Time passed and he strived hard for getting a boom crop. In the first year by selling his crop he was able to repay only one fourth of his loan.

However, he was very hopeful that soon next season would take away his burden. His wife was often depressed seeing the hardship her husband was facing. To get him out of his misery one day she jumped into the nearby well leaving the farmer heartbroken and shattered.

As time went by, the farmer was hopeless but for the sake of his young child he tried to gather himself together and worked to repay the loan. The farmer was already in agony when nature ADDED FUEL TO THE FIRE as the village got struck with drought and all the efforts on part of famer went down the drain. The loan that he thought he could repay in one season, could not be paid back for a very long time.

© Ritanjali Hastir


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