Against the Clock


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Meaning: Rushed and short on time.

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Anita. She was very studious and always stood first in class, and was the favorite student of her teachers. She was a girl with versatile personality and hence she was always first choice when it came to extracurricular activities. All teachers knew that they could always count on her when it came to participating in various activities.

An inter-school competition was announced before the scheduled date and hence there was panic all over the school. Teachers enrolled Anita in various competition categories and living up to her reputation she managed to participate in all the events.

The competition lasted for nearly two months and after that the schools’ annual tour was scheduled. Anita was not quite willing to go on this tour, but seeing her stressed out after her two months’ hard work, her parents insisted that she took a little time off for herself and therefore she had to go.

On the trip she enjoyed a lot and had a great time. She forgot all her worries so much so that she forgot that her annual exams where coming and other entrance exams. The trip ended and when Anita came back she got a reality check.

She became serious with her studies and one day she fainted in her class. She was immediately taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed her with cholera. During her trip she was infected and hence her health was getting affected.

Doctors suggested her bed rest for a complete month without any stress. Anita was very disappointed and so were here parents but however, they cheered her up. With time Anita’s health recovered and she expressed her wish to resume school again. After doctor’s consultation she was allowed to go to her classes.

On her first day she realized that she was way to behind from other students as a huge part of syllabus was covered and she was totally clueless about many topics. She got little disheartened and worried. The date sheet schedule also came and her exams were not so far. She started to cry when her teacher saw her.

She pacified Anita and told her that all teachers were willing to help her so she should not lose hope. Feeling a bit hopeful Anita went home and started to work hard. This time Anita realized that she has to work AGAINST THE CLOCK and pass her exams with good marks. Due to her illness, her precious time was wasted and now she had to rush for completing her syllabus as exams were approaching and there was very little time left for her to prepare for it.

© Ritanjali Hastir

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