Meaning: When everyone is facing the same challenges.

Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Rahul. He was a boy of many virtues. He always topped his class in school and then came a time to take admission in college. Because of his good grades he got admission in one of the best colleges of the country. He came from a very reputed background but because of his hard work and studious nature his parents provided him with best of everything.

Since his first day in college Rahul came to campus in his luxurious chauffeur driven car and was always well dressed. Most to the students considered him out of their league and hence avoided him and hardly became his friends. Rahul was little introvert but most of student took it as his arrogance and hence started giving him hard time.

One day a group of students was bullying Rahul and another classmate Siddharth saw it while he was crossing the area. He stepped in to rescue Rahul and ever since they became friends. Siddharth belonged to a very humble background yet was very intelligent and because of this Rahul and he got along with each other very well.

One day Rahul expressed his desire to visit Siddharth’s home to which he was bit reluctant. However, Rahul convinced him and they both visited his village.

There was nothing very fascinating about the house as it was simple middle class house, however his family members were very warm and receptive. They treated Rahul with great respect and offered him dinner. As they were about to sleep, a thud was heard. Both rushed out of their room to see what happened.

It was Siddharth’s father — an alcoholic — who came home fully out of his senses and without realizing the presence of Rahul in the house. He started to abuse his wife and son. Rahul felt awkward and went inside his room. After a while even Siddharth came back and the entire night was spent quietly. Next morning they both came back to college.

Time passed and Rahul never mentioned anything about the incident that took place in Siddharth’s house. Siddharth however, became little reluctant and started avoiding his company. One day Rahul encountered him on this front and Siddharth felt that it was because of lack of money that the situation in his house was so bad. After a long discussion they both came to peace with each other and the situation became normal.

Few months later Rahul forcefully took Siddharth to his birthday party. It was a typical rich fancy party. Everyone was having a gala time when out of blue Rahul’s father started screaming at him and like a child he was scolded in the large gathering for some stupid reason. Rahul left the party, ran to his room. Siddharth also followed him.

Rahul told him that though he was born with a silver spoon, pampered but, in the end even he is craving for parent’s affections. My entire life my parents have been busy minting money and attending social gatherings but he was always sidelined.

After hearing Rahul’s side of the story, Siddharth realized that though there were financial disparities between them still on emotional front both were IN THE SAME BOAT as both wanted parental care and affection.

©Ritanjali Hastir

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