Beautifully Crafted Janamashtmi Celebrations at Regal Public School


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Sonia Dogra, Keekli Reporter, 24th August, 2016, Shimla

regal.Sc.24.8 (17)The festival of Janamashtmi was celebrated with great fervour at Regal Public School, Lakkar Bazaar. The entire lot of seventy students were a part of this mega celebration with each dressed up as one or the other character from the life of Lord Krishna.

The hall of the school was buzzing with activity as the children adorned themselves in the best attires to give the perfect look. Dressed as Krishna Ekansh, Ishpreet and Rishabh looked as naughty as ‘Bansi bajaiya’ Himself. Giving company to Krishna were our little Radhas- Era, Reet and Sanaya.  Mitali and Vishnaya as Kansa were at their best trying to scare you away with their demonic laughter.  And you couldn’t miss Vasudeva and Devaki locked up in prison, scenes of the Lord as Sarthi sermonising and teaching theories of Karma to little Arnav dressed as Arjuna. Mauli, dressed as Meera Bai could be seen sitting in a corner singing praises of Krishna. But what caught the eye of every visitor was Krishna sitting at the feet of Sudama, His dear old friend.

Through these little scenes the life story of Lord Krishna was effectively depicted by the school and the fun activity was a great learning for the children who carried home visual tales of the festival. The children then got together to give an endearing performance on ‘Maiya Yashoda’.

Principal, Manmohan Khanna, lauded the efforts of the school staff and appreciated the show. He believes that Pre-Schools being the First School of every child must indulge in these activities to help children learn through action for what you do yourself gets etched in your memory forever.

The day ended with sweets and treats to mark the festival !

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