Meaning: Stuck between two very bad options or a situation offering at least two possibilities, neither of which is acceptable.

Once upon a time there lived a young girl Meera. She was a very honest and a loyal person. Belonging to a humble background she had moved to the urban city, with the hope to support her family financially. After a long struggle, Meera finally managed to procure a job in one of the big general stores and to her big relief, the earning was more than she expected.

Time was passing very comfortably and she too started to make new friends in the unknown city. The place which was earlier like some unknown distant relative all of sudden began to feel like a friend, who was always there to comfort her during her dark lonely hours.

It was not so long that being impressed with her hard work she got promotions after promotion and became an apple of the boss’s eyes. Many of her fellow workers got jealous of her. However, other people’s opinion was never her thing to worry about.

It had almost been a year when Meera got promoted to the designation of cash manager. Like any other night she was closing the cash register when one of her fellow workers came to have a casual chat with her. Next morning when she came to the store she was called by the manager of the store. Once she entered into his cabin she realized that there was something wrong with the accounts.

She was given a notice to deposit the cash that was falling short. She just broke down in tears, she didn’t knew what to do. There was a difference of nearly ten thousand in account. She felt that she was stuck BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. She had very little money to give and if she failed to do then she would be arrested by police, bringing bad name to her family.

She was lost in thought, considering how the cash fell short, as she herself counted it last night. All of a sudden she recalled that one of her fellow workers had come to her when she was closing the counter.

She went to her boss and asked them to show the CCTV recording where it was then learned that she was innocent and it was the other fellow who had taken the money from the counter. Her innocence was proven and her dignity was restored.

©Ritanjali Hastir

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