CBSE  Question Paper Observations
CBSE’s Guidelines For Submitting Question Paper Observations

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has initiated a revamped approach to streamline the reporting process for examination observations during the ongoing Class X and XII board exams.

Schools are urged to adhere to specific guidelines for submitting their feedback on question papers to ensure clarity and prompt action. Learn more about the new protocol here.

In a bid to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the examination process, CBSE has introduced a revamped protocol for reporting observations on question papers during the Class X and XII board exams.

Observations from schools have been pivotal in identifying areas of improvement in question papers. However, certain challenges have been noted in the submission process, including observations being sent to incorrect email IDs, delayed submissions, and vague feedback.

To address these issues, CBSE has outlined specific guidelines for schools to follow:

  1. Centralized Submission: Observations should now be uploaded on the Online Examination Centre Management System (OECMS), ensuring a centralized and organized repository of feedback.
  2. Timely Reporting: Schools are required to submit observations on the same day the examination is conducted, facilitating prompt action by the board.
  3. Clarity in Feedback: Observations must be clear and specific, detailing the exact issue identified in the question paper. Vague feedback will not be considered for further action.

Additionally, to clarify any issues or provide further details, schools can reach out to the designated email ID: [email protected].

CBSE emphasizes the importance of timely and clear communication in this process, as any observations that do not comply with the guidelines or are unclear will not be acted upon.

This streamlined protocol aims to ensure a more efficient and effective mechanism for addressing concerns related to question papers in CBSE board exams, ultimately contributing to the overall improvement of the examination system. For further information and updates on this initiative, stay tuned to CBSE announcements and official communications.

CBSE’s Guidelines For Submitting Question Paper Observations

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