“Doosra Kamra” Staged at Gaiety: Audience Disappointed


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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 6th March, 2016, Shimla

Dusra-kamraAfter a very long time the people of Shimla City were excited to watch a play titkled “Doosra Kamra” written by Prof. Zahida Zaidi – a famous Urdu writer, that was staged by Dream Weavers Theater Group at Gaiety Theatre, Shimla. Informing about the play, Director Dr. M. Rehman Suhaib said, “It is a one of its kind. This is for first time I have got this production to Shimla. It is an amalgamation of theatre of absurd, stream of consciousness and dream sequences”.

Through the play, the director tried to throw light on the decaying human interpersonal relationships and how everyone is living together yet so alone. All relationships are becoming hollow and only self centered approach prevails in the society.

On the contrary to the expectations of the spectators, the play turned out to be a complete mess as forced spectators to walk out in the middle. The actors clearly reflected on their desparate attempt to make their point.

As such there were only handful of spectators and still they also slipped away because of the inability on the part of performers to keep them glued.


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