Harshita Kashyap

I don’t exactly remember the day it struck my mind to think seriously about what I wanted to pursue as a career. It was a confusing, gradual process for me when I thought of becoming a pilot at one moment, a teacher at the other, an engineer at one moment, an IAS at the other.

I clearly remember my mind being in great turmoil as to what should I become. Then one fine day it suddenly came into my mind: What about becoming a doctor ?

Excitedly, when I proposed the idea to my parents, their words encouraged me a little but disconcerted me to a great extent. I needed to work very very hard to become a doctor and to get admitted into an MBBS college. The thought of failure scared me but that of wearing a white coat gave me joy. That was the day I decided to pursue my dream of serving people in that white coat. My vision became clearer when I looked into my heart and became vehement to become a doctor. I used to spend most of my time studying and the rest dreaming. My dream was glorious in itself. I was committed to it and pursued it with great might. There were days I wanted to give up to sit back and relax rather than sit up and work but there was a constant clock in my mind ticking each second and reminding me every moment that creating abundances requires inconsequential efforts. My dream soon turned into awakening. The final day of NEET (entrance exam) was there, I gave my every bit. I was on pins and needles until June 8, 2017 when the result came and I was selected.

My faith, belief in myself, vision, determination and parent’s support made it possible. I don’t know how much grateful I should be, as here I am three years since then, studying medicine, living my dream, dream which I fought for, dream which has given me wings to fly.

Now I realise that dreams do not come true, they are TRUE. So dream it, think it, sow it, grow it and own it !!

(Harshita is from Shimla, she studied at Loreto Convent Tara Hall and at present is pursuing her MBBS 2nd Professional from Dr YS Parmar Govt Medical College Nahan. She loves to pen her thoughts in form of poetry or stories)

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