Harshita Kashyap

Whenever on the playground we crawl,
Or while playing we have a nasty fall,
Whenever we play and win basketball,
One thing needs to be followed by all.
Before having our yummy food in recess,
Don’t ever forget our hands are a complete mess!
But all we need to do is worry less,
Just go to the washroom to clean your hands.
And take friends along so that each one understands,
Eating food without hand washing, don’t you dare!
Because god and germs are everywhere!
All you need is some soap and water,
To wash all germs and their sons and daughters,
Do a little rub dub in foam and bubbles,
Only 30 seconds and get rid of all the troubles.
Tops and bottoms and in between,
Repeat it twice, now your hands are clean!
Because germs are not a thing to share,
Also tell your friends if you really care.
That we need to kill the germs and fight,
To make hands clean both left and right,
So this is a simple easy way,
To chase all the nasty germs away!

(The poetess is from Shimla, she studied at Loreto Convent Tara Hall and at present is pursuing her MBBS 2nd Professional from Dr YS Parmar Govt Medical College Nahan)

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