PIB Delhi – Solar optics and materials development group led by Dr. Adersh Asok, a DST-INSPIRE Faculty fellow, has facilitated the development of experimental and computational optics at CSIR-NIIST for the past 5 years. Focusing on optical materials and optical engineering for smart solar energy management, Dr. Asok and his group have recently identified a unique synergism of planar optics with functional optical materials. The study was published in the journal ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2020 can help intelligent and efficient solar light energy management. Further, using the fundamental understanding generated from these findings, the group has devised new approaches for enhancing light-matter interactions, and tailored light propagation, a perspective on this was published in the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 2022. 

This can help meet the unmet developments in the energy, environment, and healthcare arena. Two technologies developed by him include Dynamic Power Windows, a technology innovation that can offer adaptable transparency (solar heat gain control) and clean electricity generation in a single platform. Innovative and industrially scalable planar light concentrators and diffusers that enable game-changing solar light management technologies having targeted applications for BIPV/T and Agrivoltaics sectors. His research team has successfully prototyped the technological innovations with the support of CSIR, DST-INSPIRE faculty scheme, and Industry funding. Realising the immediate technology development potential for the developed technology innovations, an MoU was exchanged between CSIR-NIIST and ISAAC-SUPSI, Swiss BIPV Competence Centre, Switzerland.

“The next steps are to climb higher technology readiness levels to benchmark and develop innovative products for BIPV/T and Agrivoltaics sector by strengthening National and International partnerships,” told Dr. Adersh. The technologies have significant commercial value, strongly supporting Innovate India, Smart Cities, Smart Village, Make in India, and UN sustainable development goals. Dr. Adersh Asok, holding a prototype of a planar solar concentrator, and in the background, the prototype of the developed DPW technology is visible. His research on unique optical materials and optics for Dynamic Power Windows (DPW), Building Integrated Photovoltaics/Thermal (BIPV/T), and Agrivoltaics, along with his R&D group, can help move towards energy self-sustenance.


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