Earth Reel on Earth Day — #InvestInOurPlanet: Youth between 10-21 years to Submit a Film that Focuses on Earth Day


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Earth Day Network-India launched the 10th edition of Earth Reel on Earth Day, April 22, 2022 in partnership with Pixstory for exciting cash prizes and Bichitra Pathshala as the knowledge partner.

Digital Earth Reel 2022 will provide a platform for youth between the ages of 10-21 years to submit a film (based on research) that focuses on the Earth Day theme #InvestInOurPlanet. Compete as individuals or in teams (maximum 5 members) in either Category 1: up to and including Class 8 or Category 2: Class 9 and above.
The film length must be between 30 seconds up to 5 minutes (maximum).
The rules and guidelines are below. Bichitra Pathshala has conducted workshops and the links to these are attached. Students are requested to submit details of their proposed film by July 15 on

We look forward to more students participating and submitting their details on the link above. The films need to be submitted by August 31 and we wish to receive your proposed film details before. Compete to win prizes in each category. E-certificates for all who submit films.

What is Earth Reel ?

This is a research cum filmmaking competition on environment-related issues for students aged 10-21 years. Category 1 is up to and including Class 8 and Category 2 is Class 9 and above.

Why Earth Reel?

Earth Reel acknowledges that often what is seen through a camera’s eye has a major impact on a student. Moreover, in the process of the pre-production research and the shooting of the film, students understand how to be more eco-conscious. The awareness built is likely to have the filmmakers be vocal in addressing environmental concerns and be influencers of their peer groups to do the same.

Rules for Earth Reel:

The film must relate to the topic ‘Invest In Our Planet.’

Please fill in the online form by July 15 with proposed topic, name/s of submitters and other details:

Guideline for production:

  1. Genre of films: Public Service Announcement, Short film (Fiction, non-fiction, docu-drama, music video, live-action, animation) As far as possible, the films should be based on the students’ personal experiences and observations.
  2. Use of mobile/DSLR camera, non-professional equipment for shooting and editing is highly encouraged.
  3. The visuals in the films should be captured or generated by the students themselves.
  4. Films largely compiled with visuals downloaded from the Net will be disqualified.
  5. The original source of downloaded visuals, if used (not more than 20 per cent), must be acknowledged.
  6. Films can have partly live-action and partly animation footage or partly fiction and partly reality footage.
  7. Submissions can be by an individual student or by a group of maximum 5 students.
  8. Points will be awarded for ideas that make a significant difference and ones that are innovative.
  9. Films must be based on research done by the students. Those shortlisted will also have to present their research to a jury of filmmakers and environment activists. Please document the research done.
  10. Students are requested to submit details of their proposed film by July 15 on

Format for submission:

All films must be submitted in MP4 format latest by August 31 on the Submission form:
The film’s name and the name/s of submitters to be clearly indicated.

Information on the technical workshops:

Our knowledge partner Bichitra Pathshala conducted workshops sessions on June 11-12 and June 18-19. Click on the Links to recordings:

  1. Introduction to storyboard
  2. Introduction to theme
  3. Stop motion animation
  4. Elements of visual language
  5. Aesthetics of sound
  6. How to record clean audio
  7. Camera and equipment
  8. Aesthetics of video editing
  9. Video editing and V.N Editor

Ideas for topics: Climate Change, Resource Management, Energy Efficiency, Pollution Control, Environmental Consciousness, Waste Management, Sustainable Fashion, Green Economy, Growing the Green Cover.

Judging of shortlisted films:

  • Environmentalists, eminent film and documentary makers will judge the final selections.
    Individual/team would be marked out of 100.
  • 60 marks for the production of the film.
  • 40 marks for verbally explaining the environmental issues filmed and for suggestions on what can be done to promote environmental responsibility and greater engagement of youth.


  • August 31, 2022: Deadline for submission of films
  • September 1-15: Shortlisting of films and notification, so that those shortlisted are ready to face the jury’s questions
  • September 20: Announcement of shortlisted films
  • November: Online screening and presentations of shortlisted films
  • Last week of November: Announcement of winners

Prizes: In each category — 1st prize: Rs. 7,500; 2nd prize: Rs. 5,000; 3rd prize: Rs. 2,500

Synopsis of films uploaded on Pixstory. E-certificates for all who submit films. Write to us at [email protected] if you have any queries.


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