Eat Healthy Be Healthy: Inter School Dry Food Cooking Competition at AHGS


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AHGS.9.5.16bRitanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 9th May, 2016, Shimla

As the Auckland House Girls School celebrates its 150th Anniversary, part of these celebrations was a workshop on Nutrition by Nandini Pathania, former lecture from St Bede’s College, Shimla, held in the school auditorium here today. During her talk she informed about importance of healthy foods. She encouraged the students to take milk twice or thrice a day for healthy bones and if not possible in crude form then in indirect way like cheese, buttermilk, curd or in form of shakes.

AHGS.9.5.16aShe also touched upon the important aspect that size zero which is becoming a common problem among youth especially, teenage girls. Nandini said that dieting doesn’t have positive results in the long run as often by the end of the day one ends up having extra food so instead of hindering ones proper growth, we should take food in small quantities at regular intervals. She encouraged students to be sensible and careful about food and keep five groups that is – sugar, fats, vegetables, pulses and vitamins as essential part of their diet.

Students were informed that 150 mg calcium is important for a body and hence it’s important to maintain a balance to live a healthy life. She laid stress on nourishment and encouraged students to change their food habits.

Importance of water for human body was also highlighted as she said that there’s no substitute for water and hence one should enjoy it like anything. Instead of using cold drinks, one may try having natural juices but however a fruit is better than anything as there’s lots of fiber which is very important for our body.

She concluded her workshop by saying that – Love yourself and before losing everything it’s better to take care of self while time is still in hand.

In the workshop various school including Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Convent of Jesus & Mary, St. Edwards, Chapslee, Auckland House School for Boys, St. Thomas’ and DAV participated.

After the workshop a dry food cooking competition was held in which students showcased their cooking talent by preparing various dishes that were judged by Neelam Bali and Nandini, both well known names when it comes to dealing with healthy diet.

Students used various food items that are rich in nutrient values such as fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts to prepare dishes such as strawberry blast, pasta, raj kachori and chatpati tokri to name a few.

Card making competition based on Thoughtful Reflections was also organized where students gave wings to their creativity in form of themes like female feoticide, birthday wishes, celebration of motherhood in form of mother’s day celebration and so on.

Winners of the card competition category A (junior section till class 8) were Auckland House Girls School first, Loreto Convent Tara Hall second and St. Edwards third. In category B Auckland House Girls School first, Monal Public School second and St. Edwards third.

In cooking competition Loreto Convent Tara Hall stood first, Auckland House Girls School second and St. Edwards third.

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