Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the successful launch of the Employment Exchanges Management Information System (EEMIS) portal on August 1, 2023, has seamlessly integrated the registration process for employers and unemployed youth, ushering in a new era of online efficiency.

EEMIS Portal For Efficient Employment Management
EEMIS Portal For Efficient Employment Management

With an encouraging response from employers, 482 of them have already registered on the portal. The platform allows employers to effortlessly upload vacancy requisitions, offering a streamlined approach to the hiring process. Since its inauguration, the portal has facilitated 209 campus interviews, attracting a considerable pool of 6,093 candidates, he said.

District Employment Officers now hold enhanced authority for registration and employer approval through dedicated login IDs, ensuring a more robust and transparent system. The EEMIS portal boasts a user-friendly interface, supported by a YouTube video link guiding both employers and candidates through the registration process, said the Chief Minister. Employers benefit from timely SMS notifications directly from the portal to the applicants, facilitating efficient communication about job opportunities and registration renewals, he added.

The portal has become a beacon of support for unemployed youth, allowing them to register seamlessly by uploading necessary documents. Candidates can avail themselves of benefits from three prominent schemes i.e. the Skill Development Allowance Scheme 2013, Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2017, and Industrial Skill Development Scheme 2018.

Expressing the State Government’s commitment to promoting modern technology in governance, the Chief Minister said, “It is important to embrace technology to propel the state forward. Failure to leverage technology could result in the state lagging behind, ultimately affecting the well-being of its people. The EEMIS portal stands as a testament to the government’s dedication to providing seamless services and fostering opportunities for the people at large”, said Sukhu. 

EEMIS Portal For Efficient Employment Management

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