Embark on a cultural odyssey during the much-anticipated “Him Yuva Rangmahotsav,” is a spellbinding event jointly presented by the Language & Culture Department, H.P, in collaboration with the District Administration Shimla and the Gaiety Dramatic Society, Shimla. As a vibrant segment of the Shimla Winter Carnival-2023, this cultural festivity guarantees an enriching experience for all as ay one clearly proved it.

The first play to be featured in this segment today was “And Then There Were None” based on the novel by Agatha Christie which was presented by Government Degree College Sanjauli. The enthralling whodunit unfolded on stage as the plot revolved around ten strangers harboring dark secrets, all summoned to an isolated ship. As the guests met their demise one by one, the remaining survivors grappled with the urgent task of unveiling the killer’s identity before it became too late. The play showcased a creative adaptation, with each actor delivering their best performance. Despite these strengths, the adaptation fell short in providing a conclusive resolution, leaving the audience puzzled about the connections among the characters unless they were already familiar with the original novel.

The second plays was “मृच्छकटिकम्” (Mrichhakatikam) present by Government Sanskrit College, Phagli, Shimla by written by Mahakavi Shudrak. A poignant love story unfolded between the virtuous Brahmana Charudatta and the courtesan Vasantasena. Charudatta experiences a loss of wealth due to his philanthropic and altruistic tendencies. Each actor portrayed their characters authentically, with Maitreya earning acclaim for capturing the audience’s hearts with his compelling performance, while Sakara’s noteworthy performance also left a lasting impression, making the audience eagerly anticipate more from the talented cast.

The youth festival showcased performances by young artists, whose vibrant and compelling acts surpassed some of the grandiose yet lackluster productions at Gaiety. Unlike the self-proclaimed professional productions that often strain the government exchequer; these students came not to bask in the glory of self-claimed achievements but to deliver powerful and engaging performances. The talent displayed at the youth festival serves as a testament to the untapped potential that lies within educational institutions. It prompts us to question the current paradigm and advocate for the promotion of such festivals. Moreover, introducing theater as a practical subject at the school or college level could act as a catalyst, breathing life into the very essence of theater.

Look forward to a few more amazing productions in the coming days, totally worth your time.

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