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Aucky.Boys.27.9 (2)

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 27th September, 2016, Shimla

Aucky.Boys.27.9 (9)Annual days are the most awaited and one of the best days in lives of each student as it acknowledges their achievements throughout the year and appreciates the hard work that the child has puts in. Senior section of Auckland House for Boys celebrated their achievements with great zeal and enthusiasm in the school premises.

Aucky.Boys.27.9 (8)Rohan Chand Thakur, Deputy Commissioner, Shimla presided over the function as the chief guest and appreciated the efforts made by school as whole. He said that it was easy to start something but very difficult to sustain and it is hard work of Michael John that he has managed to start this school which will go a very long way in future.

Aucky.Boys.27.9 (6)He spoke about inculcating values in a child specially empathy and compassion so that in future they are not just citizens but good citizens of the society. He warned parents to take care of their child regarding drugs and always be there to support their child through thick and thin.

Aucky.Boys.27.9 (5)The programme started with the lighting of lamp by the chief guest Rohan, Director Principal of Auckland House School Sunita John and Michael A. John. This was followed by an opening hymn “Our father Who Art In Heaven”.

Aucky.Boys.27.9 (4)Then came the turn for an English play “Great Ceaser’s Ghost” – enacted dramatically by the boys. After this a dance performance “I don’t need no money” mesmerized the audience.

Aucky.Boys.27.9 (1)A Hindi play by the name Seth & Muneem” was also performed humoursly by the boys which made everyone laugh out loud.

The “Aucklet” School Band of Auckland House School for Boys also enthralled the audience with their vibrant song performance.

A theme dance “Save the Girl Child” was performed beautifully by the boys. The programme came to an end with the distribution of various prizes to meritorious students. (Click for Videos)

AuckyBoys27.9.16frntThe names of the Prize winners at the function for various disciplines are as follows:-

Form III A– Form prize Arnav Shyam; Steady Work prize Chirag Sharma; Conduct prize Lokesh Kondal,Computer prize Somil Vasudeva.

Form III B – Form prize Tanav Gupta, Progress prize Aryan Joshi, Steady Work prize Kirit Singh Nikhra,Conduct prizeAadish Verma, Computer prize Ramesh Chawla, Art prize Saksham Kapoor

Form IV A – Form prize Aadvay Sood, Progress prize Saksham Thakur, Steady Work prize Shauray Vatsayan, Conduct prize Harshit Gupta, Computer and Art prize Harshit Thakur, Art prize Yashasvi Setia

Form IV B – Form prize Hemansh Mehta, Steady Work prize Sanidhya Prasher, Conduct prize Arya Thakur,Computer prize Sarvaansh Guleri

Form V A-   Form prize Aditya Bhaik, Progress prize Abhijai Goel, Steady Work prize Ryansh Thakur, Conduct prize Arsh Dipta, Computer prize Rayan Shyam

Form V B – Form prize Shardul Singh Rathore, Steady Work prize Dhairya R.Nagal, Conduct prize Krish Thakur, Computer prize Arnabhya Thakur

Form VI – Form prize Pranav Chauhan, Progress and best use of library prize Ishan Malhotra Steady Work and Art prize Avirat Mahajan, Conduct prize Arindam Sood, Computer prize Savir Sharma, Art prize Abhishek Sharma and Gurjeet Singh Sondh

Form VII – Form prize Ujjwal Singh Rajpoot, Steady Work prize Atharva Sharma, Conduct prize Aaditya Pathak, Computer prize Parth Sharma

Special Head boy’s prize – Mahin Samuel John

Vice head boy’s prize – Akshin Gupta

Games captain’s prize – Sumit Kumar

Durrant house captain’s prize – Akshin Gupta

French house captain’s prize – Prashant Shukla

Lefroy house captain’s prize – Sourabh Negi

Matthew house captain’s prize – Aanand Kanthwal

Dramatics prize – Mahin Samuel John and Aanand Kanthwal

S. Guleria Memorial Shakespeare Trophy– Mahin Samuel John

Study cup – Matthew House

Sports shield –  Lefroy House

Basketball trophy  – French House

Badminton trophy Lefroy House

Volleyball trophy Matthew House

The Annual Aucktimus Test Prize Samardeep Singh Kahlon 500/-

Taravati Ram Gopal Mehra Award for Education and Culture – Parvaldeep Singh 3000/-, Mahin Samuel John 1500/-, Akshin Gupta 1500/- , Pawan Thakur 1000/- , Piyush Sharma 750/-, Vansh Gandhi 750/-, Achyut Kashyap 500/-, Farzan Hayat Khan 500/-, Vansh Puri 500/-, Mahin Samuel John 1100/-

Olympiad – Vedant Bhardwaj, Ujjwal Singh Rajpoot and Atharva Sharma

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