Fun and Frolic during St Thomas Junior Section Sports Day


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Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 16th May,2015, Shimla

thomas1The tiny tots of St Thomas Junior School celebrated their Annual Sports Day here today, as Dr. Richa Minocha, Member Secretary, Janabhiyan Sanstha presided over the function as the chief guest, who was warmly welcomed by the School Principal Vidhupriya Chakrabarty. Parents turned up in large numbers to encourage their wards as well as all the other contestants. The event began with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Dr Minocha. Children of Nursery Class presented a colourful PT display with ribbons on a foot tapping number “Clap Your Hands”.

Soon after which the races began starting from the Flat Race for little girls and boys of Kinder Garden section and the winners of the race were: Girls — 1st – Navmi, 2nd – Ananaya, 3rd – Tavishi; Boys — 1st – Hemant , 2nd – Chirag, 3rd – Aditya. Then came the turn of the little ones from Nursery Class and the results were: Girls — 1st – Mannat, 2nd – Hetal; Boys — 1st – Vaibhav Raj, 2nd – Vanshaj, 3rd – Akhilesh Thakur. The tiny tots of KG then smartly ran all the way to the finish line in the Beads Race, in which they were suppose to put 10 beads one by one in a thread to complete the race. The kids performed extremely well in this race, and the proud winners were: Girls — 1st – Sargam, 2nd – Chahat, 3rd – Ayushi Kashyap; Boys — 1st – Ishan, 2nd – Chirag, 3rd – Ayush Thakur. Then was the time for a delectable Biscuit Race for kids of Nursery Class. The winners of this race among were: Boys — 1st– Syam, 2nd – Akilesh, 3rd – Paras; Girls — 1st – Ananya Chabra, 2nd – Bhumika, 3rd – Mannat.

thomas2The students and the parents  were filled with zeal and passion for Collecting the Objects Competition, in which the kids collected as many legos toys and balls as possible in a given time period and passed them on to their parents who were putting them simultaneously in a bag. The names of winning parents in this category were: Girls — 1st – Shreya Yadav, 2nd – Sargam, 3rd – Sheryl Gupta; Boys — 1st – Arab Kumar, 2nd – Ayush Thakur, 3rd – Chirag.

After completion of the athletic events, delighted winners were honoured by the chief guest with medals and certificates. Chief guest Dr. Richa gave some important parenting tips and said, “Nowadays parents do not have enough quality time to spend with their children, I request all the parents present to take out time from their busy schedules to talk to their children as it helps them in improving and expressing themselves in a better way. I want all the children present here today to feel encouraged regardless of the fact whether they have won or lost. I usually see parents tempting their children with goodies in exchange for good grades, the parents need to think beyond grades and aim at making their child a good human being and an all rounder. Lastly, I would like to thank principal Chakravarty for giving me an opportunity to be among these wonderful kids and see them perform so well. I wish the children best of luck for their future”.

The event formally ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal Chakravarty. She stressed on the importance of sports in a child’s life and said, “Sports is a vital part in development of a child. These children get the first lesson of fair play and sportsman spirit from sports events.  At last I would like to thank Dr. Richa for gracing us with her presence. I would also like to thank all the teachers for their hard work and the parents for being a massive support for their children.”

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