The Asian Rafting Downriver Championship has commenced today on the land of himachal under the aegis of The Indian Rafting Federation and World Rafting Federation bringing together men women and mix rafting teams from various Asian countries to compete in sprint & downriver rafting race.

The race course is set along river Sutlej with varying levels of difficulty. Once the race begins, teams navigate  strategically through the course, tackling rapids, avoiding obstacles, and maintaining control of the raft to optimise the speed and minimise time lost.

The championship promoting the sport of rafting in India and provides recognition to talented athletes and teams and also enhancing the tourism in Himachal Pradesh. This championship is fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants from different countries.
The Indian Army, SDRF & Himachal Pradesh civil Administration is playing a pivotal role in the smooth conduct of the event.

Indian Rafting Federation Hosts Sprint & Downriver Races in Himachal

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