Junior Aucky Girls Display Beautiful Art & Craft Exhibits


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Auckland House Girls School

Auckland House Girls SchoolKeekli Reporter, 4th August, 2018, Shimla

An Art and Craft Exhibition of the lower primary department of Auckland House Girls School was held in the school premises as chief guest for the occasion was Vanita Wilson, a former Teacher who served Auckland House School for 36 years. It was an amazing exhibit as the teachers had covered almost all the topics that should be taught to the kids of this age. From relationships to moral values, from seasons to a green environment; from various professions to means of communication and types of house, among many other displayd. A perfect way of learning when taught through models and artwork.

Auckland House Girls SchoolThe tiny tots even gave a brief description of the projects / models that were on display, which also covered animals and their young ones, life in a village, fire and safety of kids, food for health, air and mother. Different craft items from waste material were also displayed. The exhibition was appreciated by all the parents who eagerly viewed the displays and were happy to see their child’s progress.

Tiny tots participating in the event among others were:

Auckland House Girls SchoolNursery A & B — Sanvi Chauhan, Anaaya Kalta, Tripur, Aadya Singh, Kavya Sharma, Ira Bhagra, Ramya Verma, Abha Jagta

LKG A & B — Advita Sharma, Aradhya Thakur, Mauli Rampal, Avni Sood, Aradhya Shandil, Devangha Parihar

UKG A & B — Arika Sharma, Kavya Tomar, Rimsha Mahawar, Avni Sharma, Anahat Kaur, Kritima Thakur

I A & B — Agrima Puri, Sonakshi Sharma, Yayin Popta, Gayatri Shekhar, Mishail Sharma, Aishiya Dogra

II A& B — Anvesha Thakur, Divyani Chauhan, Eknoor Kaur, Nandika Sharma, Snigdha Parihar, Jaenaaz Gulati

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