Junior Auckyites Display Athletic Spirit during Sports Day


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Keekli Reporter, 1st May, 2015, Shimla

auck3A bright sunny day, after previous nights’ thunder showers, brought cheers to parents’ faces and children alike as they enthusiastically came to the school to be part of the annual sports day. The tiny tots were super excited as for some of them it was their first ever major event performance. Principal Euro Kids Prep School, Ravine Singh presided over the function as the chief guest as Devyaani Chauhan from kindergarten class presented her a bouquet and accompanied with the Director Principal Sunita John and Auckland School Boys Principal Micheal John, they warmly welcomed Ms Ravine for the spectacular display planned for the day. With a full house, the morning began with a colourful display of physical training exercises.

Students of Form I and II participated in the flower and patra PT display. Dressed in pink, red and yellow frills, the little ones showed their skills of agility and perfect coordination in their movements during the flower display. Carrying their patras, dressed in house colours, the next set of students jogged onto the field to showcase their drill. Children were encouraged with huge applause and loud cheers from parents. It was then time for some good competitive races, but with the underlying fact that participation was the biggest success and winner of all.

auck1It was time for the new entrants from Nursery Class to participate in the flat race. With colourful balloons tied on their wrists, the tiny tots ran as trained by their teachers. Touching the rope was a must for them and as guided they followed the instructions perfectly. The proud winners were — Nursery A Flat Race Group 1 — 1st Anvesha Pathak; 2nd Tanvi Verma; 3rd Avya Thakur; Group 2 — 1st Samaira Ghai; 2nd; Yavin Popta; 3rd Vanya Mantan. Nursery B Flat Race Group 1 — 1st Himaza Sharma; 2nd Swati Chauhan; 3rd Sehaj Preet; Group 2 — 1st Bhavyanjali; 2nd Sanaya Raj Chauhan; 3rd Arika Chauhan.

The Lower Kindergarten students participated in the hopping and frog race. The hops were more like walks and runs and the frog jumps were cute and hilarious, but totally loved by all. The winners were — LKG A Hopping Race Group 1 — 1st Shivam Thakur; 2nd Deepika; 3rd Saina Taneja; Group 2 — 1st Sanigdha Parihar; 2nd Anam Usmaan; 3rd Amishtha Chauhan. LKG B Frog Race Group 1 — 1st Jhanvi Bhardwaj; 2nd Gauri Khanna; 3rd Anvesha Thakur; Group 2 — 1st Mahi Jhagta; 2nd Ananya Rohal; 3rd Kanak Bhandari.

auck2An obstacle race was set for the Upper Kindergarten kids, as they ran toward the mid line, sat on patras, wore their caps and ran to the finish line, while second group of students participated by by taking a break to beat the summer heat as they drank a glass of juice before heading towards the rope. The winners were — UKG A Obstacle Race Group 1 — 1st Shivika Thakur; 2nd Paridhi Mahawar; 3rd Sahnvi Chandel; Group 2 — 1st Avni Gangta; 2nd Avisha Sayal; 3rd Mannat Chauhan. UKG B Obstacle Race Group 1 — 1st Sahnvi Thakur; 2nd Ananya Sharma; 3rd Jasleen Kaur; Group 2 — 1st Manjas Kaur; 2nd Niharika Sharma; 3rd Mannat Chauhan.

It was fun time for Class I students, as they ran with balloons to the centre line, burst their balloons by sitting on them and then ran towards the finishing line. It was very amusing too see them squishing their balloons amidst loud cheers from parents who were encouraging their wards. The second section students were then given the task of wearing for bangles from a sawdust box, put on a bindi and then race to the finish line. The proud winners were — Class 1 A Bursting the Balloon Group 1 — 1st Ananya Sharma; 2nd Khwaish Salhotra; 3rd Drishti Azad; Group 2 — 1st Mevash Chauhan; 2nd Rishika Bhaik; 3rd Sahnvi Verma. Class 1 B Obstacle Race Group 1 — 1st Vaishnavi Kanwar; 2nd Riya Ratan; 3rd Shifa; Group 2 — 1st Trishika; 2nd Anvi Gautam; 3rd Ujjani Thakur.

The senior most students participated in groups of four in different relay games. First, it was time for the ball relay and then followed by the baton relay, each putting in their best to win medals. The winners were — Class 2 A Ball Relay Group 1 — 1st Anshika Kaushal; Khushi Khatri; Akshara Gupta; Saniya Singla; 2nd Yukti Thakur; Ayushi Rana; Chandermauli Dogra; Arika Sood; 3rd Pranjal Kaundal; Ojjaswini S Thakur; Kanishka Gumanta; Sharanya Sood. Class 2 B Baton Race Group 1 — 1st Baruni Singh; Angel; Ocean Rohta; Diya Singh; 2nd Ayushi Kaundal; Nishtha Sharma; Aradhya Sethi; Divya Sood; 3rd Varnika Singh; Ishani Sood; Sherin Thakur; Prerna Verma.

The parents too were excited to be part of the event and confidently stepped on to the field to participate in a few races. The winners were — Ladies Race Group 1 — 1st Sheela Thakur; 2nd Anamika Thakur; 3rd Shivali Chauhan; Group 2 — 1st Soma Sharma; 2nd Savita Sharma; 3rd Malti Vikas Paul. Gentlemen Race Group 1 — 1st Dr Puneet Shandil; 2nd Ripudaman Kaushik; 3rd Amit Kumar; Group 2 — 1st Dr Alok Sharma; 2nd Sachidanand Gupta; 3rd Ravi Taneja.

The event ended with an inspiring speech from the chief guest, Ms Singh who congratulated all the students for a brilliant performance and lauded the efforts of the school principal and the staff for putting up a great event and also emphasized that academics couple with extracurricular activities such as sports days created a healthy body with a healthy mind. Director Principal Sunita John too appreciated the hard work put in by the teachers and the support staff to make this event a huge success. The day ended with a declaration of a holiday for the junior section.
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