Dishika Kukreja; Class 3;  Dayanand Public School; Category Classes 2-4; Winner: Second 

Once there lived a man named Kelvin in Jamnagar. He was very fond of drawing. He had done his studies in engineering but was  very fond of singing too. He was a man who was believed to do multi- tasking. Once he went to Jodhpur for drawing beautiful sceneries. He believed that Jodhpur is very beautiful place but when he reached Jodhpur the place seemed to be dirty. He was very sad to see so. He was now motivated by his friends, in order to take some action against this issue. He first wrote an article and forwarded it to the Editor of a newspaper .Then he saw differences which were very little. But he did not leave hope and started with cleaning the surroundings nearby in Jodhpur. More and more people joined with him with the  passing time and a time came when many people were motivated by Kelvin .

Kelvin is  the  one  who had tried to change Jodhpur. Jodhpur was again called the Most Beautiful Place.

He has been awarded as first person  to be a part of cleaning India in 1987.

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