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इंसान महज़ एक आंकड़ा है… — नीलम भट्ट

ऐसे समय में , ऐसे बेरहम समय में कविता सिर्फ़ आस बंधा सकती है...पर सच को आईना दिखाना भी शायद ज़रूरी है। ऐसी ही एक कोशिश...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EglB6LBKQNg Neelam Bhatt, born in Delhi, but...

इस उम्मीद के साथ कि हालात बेहतर हों — नीलम भट्ट

A tiny, delicate flower brings hope in the time of adversity, a blade of grass symbolises courage... https://youtu.be/De12VCl6dWM Neelam Bhatt, born in Delhi, but originally from Uttarakhand has spent her formative years in...

यह समय — नीलम भट्ट

This time is the best and the worst of times. The poem sums up whatever was felt during the Corona pandemic. The time when we could connect with our near and...

Zindagi Khubsurat Hai — Neelam Bhatt

All of us go through difficulties in our life...ups and downs. The dark phases when we tend to feel lonely. But there has to be something, someone to give us hope....

Moonlight’s Addiction — Sahaj Sabarwal

Sahaj Sabarwal, Jammu City It's dark night, Still you are bright. It's night, to sleep right? Still our eyelids fight To be closed tight But your beauty forces them to remain polite, To have an uninterrupted sight. You are...

Ye Zindagi – Neelam Bhatt

Neelam Bhatt, New Delhi Yeh Zindagi -- Life gives us various experiences. Sometimes it seems positive and sometimes it feels like a burden. But despite these things, there is something which helps...

KEEKLI’s National Level Story Writing Competition — WIN & GET PUBLISHED!

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand,”  -- Neil Gaiman https://youtu.be/3TdXAxqsEdQ KEEKLI comes out with innovative ideas to fuel children's imagination and creativity.  This time we bring you a...

हिमाचल में योग को अनिवार्य विषय बनाएं: शांता कुमार

हिमाचल प्रदेश योगासन खेल संघ हिमाचल प्रदेश के पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री शान्ता कुमार ने जोर देकर कहा है कि योगासन को प्राथमिक कक्षाओं से लेकर उच्च शिक्षा तक में अनिवार्य विषय के तौर...

हे भगवान — Deebanshi Batra

Deebanshi Batra; Swarnprastha Public School, Haryana हे भगवान सुख में भी तुम हो दुख में भी तुम हो। आशा है दुनिया मेंसब कुशल मंगल हो। मैं एक पतंग जिसकी डोर तेरे हाथ। प्रभु तुम हो...

You Are A Lovely Teacher

Deebanshi Batra; Swarnprastha Public School, Haryana Mam you are a lovely teacher, You made me a sensible creature. I am going to miss you a lot, I will never forget what you taught. You made me...