Life is a Craft and Reading Books Embodies All its Colours


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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 3rd September, 2018, Shimla

Life is craft echoed during the second book club session as members learned that writing a book is not just about putting words on paper but a proper craft which makes all senses tick!   

Keekli Book ClubDon’t let the rain drive you to the wrong shelter; the shade can turn out to be your protector and also your destroyer, and sometimes the rain is the perfect protector from the rain… Once again, members of the Keekli Book Club found their perfect protector from the natural as well as life’s rain as they again gathered under the roof of North Oak Public School, Sanjauli, for their book club monthly session.

The bad weather could not kill the high spirits of our young members and presence of Anita Pandey our special guest for the day acted as a catalyst as she brought with her a fresh dimension to the art of story writing and telling by opening new vistas for the young aspiring writers.

Keekli Book ClubIn continuation to the previous month meet’s discussion, each member presented their original stories and captivated the members. It won’t be incorrect to say that at the end of the day we were all reactive personalities. We just don’t know it until we meet the right catalyst and something similar was experienced during this session as children learnt that story writing is not just putting words on paper but expressions also make a story interesting.

Anita being an active theatre artist highlighted the significance of usage of expressionism for any writer for establishing a good and deep connection with their audiences or readers. She emphasized that all aspects of life is simply craft may that be talking, cooking, body language, narrating or story writing or any other kind of art.

Keekli Book ClubYoung members learned how to create a pictorial imaginary situation for a reader by using powerful vocabulary which teleports an individual to a new dreamy world. The art of writing is not making one feel they are reading but actually living the book they are reading.

She further stressed that the members should enhance their vocabulary and start looking at daily routine things through a different light. This vision not only sharpens ones imaginary power but also adds to knowledge and new words. For painting a real picture for a reader, it is important to trigger all the senses of the reader and this can only happen when one is him/herself sure about the exact picture they want their readers to see and this is where your word power comes into play.

In a nutshell, members learnt that no art can survive without other forms of art — Theatre, Music, Painting — as they collectively help in building up a good writer, in turn a good story.

Stories narrated by members were “Tales of the Modern Jungle” by Stavya; “Who was the Murderer” by Sara; “A Treasure Hunt” by Pritha; “Gobaare Waala” by Adyut; “The Cost of Sin” by Abhishek and “Four Friends and Two Naughty Boys” by Shresht. These stories by our young budding writers can be read in the September issue of Keekli Newspaper.  (See All Videos)

The session ended on a happy note as children felt enlightened and full of fervour for writing their new stories by taking leads from this fun session with Anita and looked forward for more such engaging sessions.

दूसरा कहानी रविवार

निर्मला चौहान

आज वन्दना जी ने फिर से विडियो बनाई।

रीताजंली दोबारा यादों को कैमरे में कैद करती नज़र आई।

आज खत्म हुआ महीने. बाद वो इन्तजार।

जब आया फिर से दूसरा कहानी रविवार।

सात बच्चों ने इसमें भाग लिया।

सबने नई सदस्य जीया का स्वागत किया।

मीनाक्षी जी को सबने याद किया।

अनीता पांडेय ने आज का अनमोल ज्ञान दिया।

लिखना, चित्रकारी और शब्दों का बच्चों को बोध करवाया।

गहराई से उनका अध्ययन पर ध्यान लगवाया।

पुराने सदस्यों ने अपनी अपनी रचना दिखाई।

अच्छी व अदभुत कहानी बनाकर सुनाई।

अनीता पांडेय जी का ज्ञान सबको बहुत भाया।

सबने दिल और दिमाग में उसको घर लाया।

किकली परिवार को शत नमन, हम इसके अभारी है।

जिनकी बच्चों को एक उच्च स्तरीय लेखक बनाने की तैयारी है।

अब तक तो हो गया होगा सबको एहसास I

किकली का हर कहानी रविवार है कितना खास I

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