Keekli Bureau, 19th September, 2019, Shimla

80 participants from 14 Indian states and 2 countries – Oman and Canada will present 30 papers based on – researches, evidence based practices, innovations, and practices based on information and communication technologies and assistive technologies during the first-of-its-kind Shimla-National Conference on Inclusive Education, from 23 to 25th September, 2019 at at YWCA, Shimla. Brotherhood, Delhi based organization and the Centre for Disability Studies and Action, Social Work Department of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai are jointly organizing the Conference in collaboration with St. Thomas School, Shimla.

The overall aims of such conference is to get an opportunity to share and disseminate ideas, research findings, academic, field-level experiences on Inclusive Education, evidence bases practices and innovation in inclusive education from different parts of India and create a sharing community to feel all children safe and secure in the classroom.

Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. For a school to be inclusive, all children, regardless of their ability level have to be included in a mainstream classroom, so that students of all ability levels are taught as equals, and that teachers adjust their curriculum and teaching methodologies  for all students to benefit. Implementation of an inclusive education would require a number of changes in present day teaching practices, curriculum content, infrastructure, technological aids, evaluation procedures and available resources at the school level.

Participants can be schools’ School Inclusive Education Development (SIED) team comprising of regular teacher, special teachers, principals and other professionals educating children with and without disabilities in inclusive settings and teacher educators from DIETs, colleges of education and departments of education of various universities who can highlight the training aspects and researches undertaken in inclusive education process can participate.


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