Keekli Bureau, 15th September, 2019, Shimla

Sustainability is the chief component of existence not only for human kind but also for each and every element of biodiversity. Loreto Convent Tara Hall has long believed in the ideology of sustainability through peaceful co-existence and not through dominance. Considering the current global and national dilemma faced by the respective governments regarding environmental and social issues the school organized the Loreto Convent Movement to Unite Nations as an initiative to not only create awareness about the same but also to prepare young minds for the future as they will be the stewards of tomorrow.

The two day event began with a grand inauguration where in all the participants and faculty members along with the chief guest for the day Sr. Pushpa and the special guest Reetu Sharma were warmly welcomed by the Vice Head Girl Vinus Thakur. The ceremony began with a prayer for peace and sustainability of environment followed by the lighting of the Panchdeep by the chief guest, special guest, coordinator Suzanne Bhagra, Yukta Bhatti and Jahanvi Thakur. This was followed by the graceful and expressive performances of dance and music by the school students of Loreto Shimla.

Thereafter an astounding powerpoint presentation was given on introduction of the executive board to the various committees as well as depicting Loreto’s journey in MUN throughout the years. Sister Pushpa inspired and blessed all the enthusiastic participants, and Reetu Sharma spoke about how sustainability and responsible attitude of the young students today can help create a beautiful and assured future. With greater hopes and best wishes she declared the LCMUN open and the delegates were requested to report to their respective committees.

The four committees that were included in the LCMUN along with their agendas and executive board were:

  1. United Nations Security Council – (Agenda) Perspective of developed nations towards climate change with special reference to the USA.

Executive Board – Ishita Chugh (Chairperson) Urvi Khanna (Vice-Chairperson) Praneeta Kamal (Rapporteur)

2. United Nations General Assembly – (Agenda) Importance of eliminating poverty and zero hunger with special reference to the Horn of Africa.

Executive Board – Angel Shan (Chairperson) Aayushi Verma (Vice Chairperson) Khushi Gupta (Rapporteur)

3. Indian Parliamentary Committee – (Agenda) Security of Women in India: the shadowed part of society.

Executive Board – Priyanka Kanwar (Chairperson) Aparika Kaushal (Vice-Chairperson) Avani Mosoi (Rapporteur)

4. International Press

Executive Board – Chhavi Sharma (Chairperson) Meghna Thakur (Vice-Chairperson)

The two days of LCMUN brought with them great learning and fond memories. The delegates certainly will not be going emplty handed.They have incorporated themselves with knowledge that is going to stay with them for a lifetime and memories and friends that they can cherish forever.

The winning delegations of the various committees along with their respective positions were as follows:

  • UNGA — BEST DELEGATION – Russia; HIGH COMMENDATION – Ethiopia; SPECIAL MENTION – USA and Mali; VERBAL MENTION – Sudan, Colombia and Japan
  • IPC — BEST DELEGATE – Yogi Aditya Nath; HIGH COMMENDATION – Assadudin Owaisi and Nirmala Sitharaman; SPECIAL MENTION – Capt. Amrinder Singh and Manish Sisodia; VERBAL MENTION – Mamta Banerjee and Mahua Moitra
  • IP — BEST PHOTOGHRAPHER – Dhairya Bragta and Sanat Singh; VERBAL MENTION – Suvidhi, Shivangi and Raghav; BEST CARICATURIST – Palak Gera and Parth Bhatia; VERBAL MENTION – Aanchal; BEST REPORTER – Sephal Gyamba; VERBAL MENTION – Aditya and Ayushi

The head girl Asmit Giriraj Chauhan thanked everybody for their active participation which made the event a great success and with this the LCMUN Chapter 1 concluded.


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