In a proactive move towards ensuring public health, Additional Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Verma led a crucial meeting today in Shimla to discuss the upcoming National Pulse Polio Campaign. The meeting, which focused on reviewing preparations, highlighted the concerted efforts aimed at administering polio vaccines to all children under five years of age across the district.

Scheduled for March 3, 2024, the campaign aims to reach 61,194 infants through a network of 643 booths, 22 transit points, and 16 mobile teams. Notably, special attention will be given to the children of migrant laborers, ensuring comprehensive coverage during the vaccination drive.

Verma emphasized the significance of meticulous planning, revealing that 152 supervisors and 2,836 team members have been deployed to oversee operations on Polio Day. Asserting the readiness of the district, he confirmed the completion of all necessary preparations, urging the police department to provide security personnel for transit booths and requesting sub-divisional officers to facilitate the transportation of vaccine supplies.

In a call for seamless collaboration, Verma urged all departmental officers to synchronize efforts for the successful execution of the National Polio Vaccination Day. With a collective commitment to public health, Shimla stands poised to combat polio and safeguard the well-being of its youngest residents.

National Pulse Polio Campaign: Polio Vaccination Day In Shimla

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