In a groundbreaking virtual event, the Panorama International Literature Festival 2024 was officially unveiled, transcending geographical boundaries to unite writers and scholars globally. From January 1 to 31, 2024, the festival will immerse audiences in the theme “Agni: The Fire,” delving into the elemental essence of fire in its philosophical manifestations.

Panorama International Literature Festival 2024

Esteemed Scholars and Writers Converge Virtually, Igniting Intellectual Discourse

World Philosophical Forum President Prof Jeffrey Levett graced the event as Chief Guest, with Writers Capital Foundation Secretary General Prof Irene Doura Kavadia hosting. Chief Advisor Joan Josep Barcelo set the stage for an intellectually stimulating literary journey. Despena Dalmaris, author and editor of Writers International Edition, presented the concept note, supported by videos exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the Agni theme.

Panorama International Literature Festival 2024

Panorama International Literature Festival 2024

Panorama Festival Embraces Virtual Transformation for Global Literary Unity

Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, President of Writers Capital International Foundation, highlighted the transformative power of virtual platforms, emphasizing the removal of spatial and temporal constraints. Virtual festivals on the World Wide Web and social media platforms enable unprecedented access to literary works, fostering a global literary community.

Agni Theme Tackles Philosophical Depth and Urgent Global Issues

While rooted in profound philosophy, this year’s festival theme also addresses pressing global concerns such as climate change through the lens of global warming. Irene Doura-Kavadia expressed hope for inspiring a collective voice against global warming, igniting the spark of change through literature.

Writers Capital Foundation’s Global Impact and Literary Excellence Celebrated

As a UN-listed civil society, the Writers Capital Foundation actively supports global literary connectivity. The festival will publish ‘The Quill Compendium 2023,’ a global directory featuring significant writers worldwide. The Panorama International Literary Awards in June 2024 in Athens will further celebrate literary excellence.

Renowned Spiritual Healer Shruti Sachdeva to Grace Festival as Guest of Honour

Delhi-based Spiritual Healer and Energy Therapist Ms. Shruti Sachdeva will be the Guest of Honour, adding a unique perspective to the festival’s diverse lineup. Global Literary Community Gathers Virtually to Ignite the Literary Sphere with Agni: The Fire at Panorama International Literature Festival 2024.

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