Learning Series: An initiative under the V-Empower Coaching project at Shoolini university organised its 7th  session on “What’s Next”, the speaker for the session was Coach Mantha Bala. He shed light on the important question of “What’s Next?”. He is a certified Coach, PGDE – Accredited trainer in EMT LAB (Entrepreneurial Motivation Training) – Transition, Executive, Leadership and Small Business Coach.
Mantha’s take on finding what’s next is to first align your heart and mind while building the mental muscle and implementing the thoughts. Changes in the walk of life need to be embraced and welcomed if you want to do something new. As mentioned by him, perceiving your calling gives you a positive outcome. Mantha also spoke about ‘Prochaska’s Stages of Change’ that act as steps of transition. A change starts with the ending of an old behaviour followed by the neutral zone and finally a new beginning. Change is a fast and situational event and happens without people adjusting. On the other hand, a transition is slow and psychological where people assess the situation, navigate and then act. The upshot of this session was to embrace change as we search for what’s next in our lives. We need to have a positive approach while keeping the negative thoughts aside. You are in charge of what drives your motives, and not the inner critic.

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