Under the well-organized voter education and participation program (SWEEP), this time the turnout crossed 75%, to fulfill the objective, the assembly constituency today Team of “63-Shimla Urban” conducted voter awareness campaign in Government High School Krishna Nagar, Shimla city. Dr. Suresh Kumar, Nodal Officer of the Sweep Team of Shimla Urban Constituency, gave detailed information about the need and importance of the program to the members and students of the Election Literacy Club.

Shimla – Voter Awareness Campaign In Government High School Krishna Nagar

Shared detailed information about which form to fill and apply for inclusion, amendment and change of name in the voter list. Told about ensuring participation in elections for voters above 85 years of age and disabled people by voting from home. Ensuring everyone’s participation by spreading the message to every voter through the students for strengthening democracy in India, they were given an oath to bring all the voters of their family as well as the neighborhood to the polling booth.

It was emphasized that by providing information, inspiration and facilities through the school students and teachers about the information, inspiration and facilities provided by the Election Commission, every voter should reach the polling booth with a commitment to strengthen democracy. In the program, Anita Attri, Headmistress of Government High School Krishna Nagar, Madhubala Chandel, Nodal Officer of E.L.C (Voter Literacy Group), teachers Harpreet Singh, Ratan Chand, Indumati, Vidya Negi, Kashmira Devi, Anju Bala, in the school were present. The visiting B.Ed trainees and all the students of the school were present.

Shimla – Voter Awareness Campaign In Government High School Krishna Nagar

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