Snow Leopard Dance Win Hearts — Durrant House Celebrations in Auckland House School


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Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 18th April, 2015

auck1Students of Auckland House Girls School celebrated Durrant House Day here today at the school premises with great fervor and exhilaration. Director-Principal Sunita John and Michael John, Principal of Auckland Boys were present on the occasion to cheer and support the students. Celebrating House days is a long tradition followed in Auckland School which promotes the spirit of healthy competition and encourages students to actively participate in various activities. The function began with a beautiful welcome dance presented by the girls of middle school, which was followed by an English play. The tiny tots of junior school dressed in stunning blue dresses and ribbons, were the next to perform on popular bollywood track, ‘Pareshan‘ from the movie Ishaqzaade.

The hindi play ‘Thanda Bukhaar’ was a combination of amazing sound effects and excellent  comic timing, it was about a boy who decides to skip school by lying to his mother and convincing her that he is suffering from ‘thanda bukhaar’. A sweet and light-hearted relief for the audience. The Durrant House band made the students sing along and created a wonderful environment.

auck2To make the audience give a joyride all over again came the parody of a famous scene from the movie ‘King Uncle’, in which the protagonist refuses to cut his moustache. Describing the importance and beauty of bangles, the girls danced to the tunes of ‘Chitiyan Kalaiyan ve’ and flaunted off their beautiful and colourful bangles. Giving a message how bangles hold a lot of traditional and ritualistic value in lives in Indian women, they are not just a piece of ornament. With changing fashion trends bangles are no longer prerogative of married women. They have become a fashion statement and are a necessity with Indian wear even for all the single girls as well.

The show stopper performance for the event was a Tibetan snow lion dance organized by the students of Tibetan School, Chhota Shimla. Religious mask dances are a very prominent part Tibetan cultural life. Accompanying the creative and breathtaking dance was the mesmerizing music rendered by the flute player. The spectacular dance gave a glimpse of a beautiful culture along with entertaining the students and teachers of the school. Names of a few proud participants was Jasleen, Sanya, Anshika, Rubreet, Neharika, Ayushi Monga, Simrat, Sana, Azal, Malika, Muskaan, Nishtha, Sara, Anam, Sanjam, Angela, Zenia and Aakankeha.

Soon after came the finale dance by students of Class 12. A foot tapping dance number from the movie New Year, ‘Indiawaale’, all the participants joined them on stage to end the event on an electrifying note. The day officially concluded with a speech by the school principal as Mrs John congratulated and lauded the efforts of all participants and the teachers. The auditorium was filled with cheers of the students of the house as it was their day and they were able to make the event a success through their hard work and creativity.

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