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Nishant Kanwar, B.Com IIIrd year, Government Degree College, Sanjauli, Shimla

Hello friends, there was a time when I used to think that we need to protect our mother nature. In the past, I have given a number of speeches on this issue and I bagged lots of trophies. I had also volunteered myself for a tree plantation. Every year, we traveled to the same place we visited last year to plant the same Deodar tree once again on that same spot. My friend, she is an artist and beautiful too, she also bagged awards in poster making competition for her posters “Save Water” “Save Earth” etc. If there were no such days like earth day, water day, anti-tobacco day, vigilance week there would be not a single trophy at my home. Well, even I don’t know what am I saying or writing. Guess just provoking or making a frantic move, who knows.

I am the appreciator of Gurudeva and Manto. Manto famously quoted, “My writings are the mirror of this ugly world. I am writing, what I witness, and if my writings are ludicrous too is your world, your society. I am just portraying the incontrovertible reality” There was a time when I used to think that we should save the environment. I thought competitions are the way to aware people, but all I got is shining golden mementos and selection for inter-college competitions.

At that time, I was an amateur. As an open-minded liberal, multiple award-winning speaker like our respected citizens and world leaders, (to whom we should listen by heart without questioning), I realized that there is no such thing as mother nature. I am the human. I am the master of nature. Quasi Economics believes in rational utilization of resources, I believe in consumption and production at a lower cost.

This is possible only when we exploit our resources, in a cost-effective manner. Like my ideal Donald J Trump, I denied climate change. There is no such thing as pollution or global warming. These so-called liberals, scientists, environmentalists, geologists are nothing more than hustlers, exhausting the funding of the state on their so-called conspiracy of climate change. See life is so good, there is no need for clean water since our industries are making juice (far much better than colorless tasteless water). Medicines are far much better than healthy food.

Let these birds, animals, and plants die, as Charles Darwin quoted only the mightiest survives in his book origin of species while explaining the process of evolution. If these species of flora and fauna can’t adapt their endangerment is natural, it is not the fault
of the man.

Through the water cycle water come back to us. There is nothing like scarcity of water. Just an election move. With fertilizers, we doubled our productions. Yes, somehow the air is kind of a little bit dirty, but we can protect ourselves through masks and air purifiers, just purchase and install them. There is no need to make air pollution the big deal. I don’t want to demean our scientists, but plastic is actually saving our planet. If there was no plastic then people would for certain kill the tree for a wooden chair. Curse you plastic for saving the tree! Yes, plastic is non-biodegradable, and it’s a good thing, it tells us how strong the plastic is. An Ideal material.

That’s why we should double our plastic production. Soil erosion is the biggest fallacy I am going to bust. The soil never erodes, but through the air, water, and human disturbance it just shifts from one place to another. Well, you are thinking I am the villain or a dweeb here? Well, don’t you want development, a new i-phone, electricity, a plastic chair, a refrigerator, and a luxurious car? Won’t you. If you want these things, support my idea of reckless development. Let us be united and this so-called Mother nature by exploiting here resources. These environmentalists, intellects, scientists are fraud and their studies are sham. In the end, I conclude my words with the idiom, if you want to eat eggs, you need to break them. Similarly, growth needs the murder of our slave mother nature. Let us celebrate the next environmental day as Development Day. If you encourage my thought process belive me one day that fortunate day will come when we finally kill our mother nature.

Dedicated to The Future Leaders of My Country and The World


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