Tankari script training workshop organized by Himachal Language and Culture Department, District Mandi was held from 22 to 30 April 2024 at the hundred year old Sanskrit College, Sundernagar. A total of 38 learners participated in the training. Sanskrit College Principal Khushwant Singh and Superintendent Khushhal Singh said that this type of workshop should be organized continuously.

Language and scripts are the identity of a country, state and region. A permanent policy should be made for the training of Tankari script. Tankari script instructor Parul Arora says that Sharda Peeth in Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir is the center of Sharda script, the progenitor of Tankari script. Today we do not have Sharda Peeth and the number of people who know these ancient scripts is also left.

Even today, inscriptions in Tankari script can be seen in every village of Himachal. History, literature, tantra-mantra, astrology, Ayurveda, books to be taught in schools, texts related to Gods and Goddesses, princely writings, correspondence of common people and businessmen were also written in Tankari script. All the mother tongues of Himachali language were written in Tankari script only. Manuscripts of Sanskrit language are also being found in Tankari script. Only a few people are left who can read the Tankari script.

Tankari Script Training Workshop In Mandi: Himachal Language and Culture Department

If Tankari script is not conserved and promoted in time, then this script will also become extinct and so will our knowledge tradition written in it. To conserve and promote the script, a six-month certificate and one-year diploma in Tankari script should be started in the educational institutions of Himachal Pradesh. The learners who participated in the workshop were given certificates from the Language Department, Mandi. For the first time, a test of Tankari script was also conducted in an educational institution.

Under the voter awareness campaign, post card writing was done in Tankari script and Devanagari. The learners also prepared assignments of Tankari script and got them submitted. It is a matter of pride for every Himachali that Himachal also has its own script. Whose name is Tankari script. District Mandi Language Officer Praumila Guleriyan also called upon the students to preserve and promote their art and culture.

Tankari Script Training Workshop In Mandi: Himachal Language And Culture Department

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