Photo Credits: Shuban Dey

Priyanshi Sharma, Class 9, Kendriya Vidyalaya Jutogh Cantt, Shimla

It is a great honor to write something on this worldwide occasion.

The environment is our life, our life has our future,

So let’s come up and plant some trees, who give us fruit vegetables and pencils.

Every day, I see many peoples gaining cash, but none of them notice where they are throwing the trash.

It’s not a time to spent laughing at those legends, let’s take a step to clear those trashes from our rivers, lakes, ponds, and gardens.

In this growing technology, we are missing one habit from our life is to spend some time In our nature, let’s build this habit again.

By planting some trees in our surroundings not for us but also for future.

I saw those people cutting many trees and I saw our future and the future kids crying for oxygen. Many peoples giving millions of dollars for 1 cylinder of oxygen. This is so bad that spending many hours on our internet and mobile phone but not giving space or a time to our environment who is giving many things and the important resource oxygen, we all know we just can’t spend a second without that. In today’s language just like the internet, we can’t live without oxygen. Yes, I know the technology is growing so far but there is no such technology that can grow a tree or a real tree, don’t waste your time waiting for technology because there is no technology found out how to make a tree that gave us fruit, vegetables and one of the important thing oxygen. So let us come up and grew some trees on this prestigious day.

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  1. Really very Good PRIYANSHI BETU it’s a lovely presentation on environment ,You have done a great job and I am proud of you Betu for your thoughts on our environment.We all have to think about this and took appropriate steps to preserve our trees ,Forests,Water Andy many things that we are getting from our environment not for today but for our future also.I love the way you present your presentation on the occasion of Environment day ,God bless you Betu Love you Sonu Bachhiya 😍😘


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