Keekli Bureau, February, 2020

Shimla police in written directions sent to all schools of the capital have stated that the school management shall be liable to ensure that the school vans/buses employed follow all the guidelines set up by the Supreme Court and the state government for safety and security of Children. The police have stated that in case of any regulatory found, displaying zero tolerance, a case shall be registered against both the erring vehicle and the school management.

What are the directions?

1) The school van/bus compulsorily has to be yellow in colour.

2) ‘School bus’ has to be written, both in front and rear of the vehicle.

3) First aid box and fire fighting equipment mandatory.

4) If the bus is rented then ‘On school duty’ to be mentioned.

5) Bus windows to be covered by ‘angled grill’.

6) Name and phone number of the school to be mentioned.

7) Vehicle should not be more than 15 year old and a speed governor has to be installed.

8) Racks to be fitted below the seat for keeping school bags.

9) Qualified attendant to accompany school kids during transport.

10) Driver to be in uniform with a name plate.


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