The students of Jawaharlal Nehru Government College of Fine Arts, Shimla, showcased their work under the guidance of their teachers in Gaiety Theatre in the form of a Visual Art exhibition titled “Abhivyakti” which is being held for four days from 6th to 9th of November.
The exhibition is divided into three sections which are Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture. The exhibition consists a total of 205 paintings, 21 sculptures and 96 applied art pieces.
On the Inauguration of the exhibition on 6th November, the students were blessed by the presence of the Chief Guest, Dr. Pankaj Lalit, Director, Language and Culture Department, HP, who admired the pieces of art and interacted with the budding artists at length. The Principal of JLN Govt College of Fine Arts, Dr. Meena Sharma, shared words of encouragement and guided the artists.
A total of eight paintings were sold on the first day, making the exhibition a huge success for the College. The exhibition saw a steady stream of visitors and recorded a very good footfall with appreciative words by the admirers and those visiting.
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