Kiaan Amrik Thakur; Class 5; Dayanand Public School, Shimla; Category Classes 5-8; Winner: Third

Beautiful night a shouting star fell to the surface of earth. don’t think it was just a shooting star, it was a spaceship. Riding this U.T.O. were two martians  name Uber and Knot. when they had landed they landed on a beautiful planet named. But they had no time to relax and enjoy the view. This was because of two reasons the first reason is that they are on a secret  to save someone and the second being they were being  by the evil martian team called LOED  Hurry up Knot before we get into trouble. Uber you are always so serious relax sometime.

You know I can’t I am so worried you know Earthlings don’t know we exzist and why would uncle come to this planet without telling anyone.

Time lets move its not like we’ve travelled 6836 million K.M. The other hand I.S.R.O had found out about the spaceship but did not think it was a spaceship they thought it was a asteroid and they thought it was a asteroid with precious metal so they went to investigate with a team of scientist, soldiers etc.

Scientist 1: That’s weird!

Scientist 2: What’s weird?

Scientist 1: Asteroids just hit earth’s surface.

Scientist 2: Yeah, so what ?

Scientist 1: It should not have survived the earth’s atmosphere and it should have caused a little explosion.

Scientist 2: You work too much take a rest.

Scientist 1: Yeah mabey. But what about it.

Scientist 2: (In microphone) An asteroid has been found investigate.

They head out to the spaceship but they could not find it because it was in camouflage, so they could not find it and started to return back when they saw a U.F.O. It was L O E D! They come for uber and knot.

L O E D Leader: Surrender the martian rebbles.

Soldier 1: Surrender the what rebels,

Soldier 2: we don’t have any rebels.

L O E D Leader: Don’t lie to me earthling. If you don’t surrender them in 5 hours I will clestroy Earth.

The good Martian team had informed Uber and Knot. Now Uber and Knot had 2 people to save their uncle and earthlings that they had to hurry because they had only 3 hours left. They had already saved their uncle while the soldiers and scientist were preparing for war with L O E D. So were Uber and Knot. The war had began. The evil Martians were winning.

But Uber and Knot had infiltrated the L O E D control room and planned a bomb. But the L O E D leader had found out and immediately went there. There uncle had already activated the bomb. They were about to leave through a pod but, the evil Martian leader had arrived. He, Uber, Knot and their uncle start fighting. Uber and uncle got injured. Now it was all up to Knot now to save the day, can he do it or will all this efforts go to waste Knot had managed 5 hits. EML (Evil Martian Leader)was badly injured. The bomb was about to leave the spaceship. But he could not let his fellow Martians die, yes, they were bad but still Knot could not let them die. Knot said in a microphone to all evil Martians to leave the ship. And Knot put E M L  in  the pod among Uncle Uber. They had taken the pod to the place were they had landed and they gave the humans and his family magic healing elixir, he gave some to E M L but E M L had become friends and he had joined the good Martian, Ubar, Knot and their family was happy that their uncle was back and they lived happily ever after.


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