Bhavya Rana, Class 6, Dayanand Public School, Shimla, Category Classes 5-8; Winner: Consolation

Today is the last night of the year. We organized a party to welcome the new year everyone seems happy.

Oh! NO what is this?

A bright light shone from the sky. Some Plates descended from the sky to the Earth. Some bizarre people came out of it and created havoc all around. We all panicked and there was stampede all around. We under stood that they were alien. We were taken aback when they spoke our language.

One of them came to us and said “I am Pingcho, the leader of this army. We came from Mars. You, the people of Earth have made our people very upset. You always keep sending something to our planet for research.”

Because of this our people are scared that may you capture our planet. Then we decided that now we will attack the Earth. This news reached to our leaders and they reached the spot with our Army immediately and the army chief Mr.Malik tried to talk to them.

Mr. Malik: “what do you want, why are you wreaking havoc in our beautiful planet.”

Pingcho : “I am king of the Mars planet, we have come to destroy the earth. We want to teach you a lesson.”

Malik: “But we did not intend to harm you all.”

Pingcho: “But it has happened.”

Malik: If this happened we apologize to you. We are willing to make new discoveries. We want to know more about space.

Pingcho: Due to your desires and wishes people of other planet have to suffer.

Malik: Sorry for that. Trust us. We don’t want all this but what to do, the earth is very big, there are many countries in it. All want to be strong and powerful. Perhaps this is the reason that these countries are crossing their boundaries whose consequences will now have to bear innocent people.

(Then another alien comes forward)

Alien: But, how can we trust you.

Malik: Who are you?

Alien: I am Rohmbus.I am the chief of this planet.

Malik: So, what do you want now?

Rohmbus: We want to fight with you.

Malik: But war is not the solution to any problem, it will cause a lot of damage on both side.

Pingcho: There is no other solution to this problem war will continue.

Malik: Ok,if you want war then we are ready.

(War started from both sides Bomb, Missiles and other lethal weapons were used .Many soldiers on both sides were killed. The war lasted for several days.)

Malik discussed with his leaders that the army of Mars have modern weapons. Our Weapons are not enough to fight with them.

(Army of Mars on the other hand)

Pingcho: What is the state of war?

Rohmbus: Oh Lord! We have very powerful army, you don’t worry. We will definitely win the war.

Pingcho: But, somewhere i am not feeling good because of war so many innocent people are suffering.

Rohmbus: No, you don’t think so. People of the earth also created trouble to our planet.

Pingcho: May be you are right.

Actually, Rohmbus the chief of Mars army was very cunning and greedy .He not only want to become the king of mars but also want to rule the earth as well. So he planned that when they will the war and control over the Earth, he will also kill the King and become King himself.

(The war went on for several days. The forces on the both sides were tired, so Malik decided to talk with Pingcho.)

Malik: We feel that this fight should end here now.

Pingcho: Yes you are right, both of our Army lost our Soldiers.

Earth is also very beautiful planet like our Mars.

Rhombus: No Lord, we will call more soldiers from our planet.

We will definitely win the war.

Pingcho: No, I have already taken the wrong decision in your

words, due to which many of our soldiers were killed. I do not want to lose who are left.

Pingcho to Malik “Tomorrow we will hold a meeting in which we will promise not to harm each other and will remain peacefully. What do you think?”

Malik : Ok my friend I am fully agree with you.

Rhombus felt bad and he thought he will not let this happen.

He will finish it all.

Next Day

All the members of both sides gathered, but Rohmbus was not among them. He had planted a bomb at the meeting place.

The people of both sides were happy, but they don’t know what is going to happen with them.

Then there was a loud explosion.

Suddenly, I woke up. I was completely drenched with sweat.

“Oh! It was a dream”.

I smiled but then thought what aliens occur? Do the good and bad people exist everywhere?

If yes, do we really harass them?

Probably yes, many powerful countries show their power in the space. This may disturb the peace there.

It is the first morning of the new year, So we should make this decision on the arrival of the new year that we do not cross the boundaries created by God. We should not fight each other. We have to give up the habit of ownership over others so that everyone can be happy in their own places.


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