Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 13 developmental projects worth Rs 88.78 crore during his one-day visit to Kasauli Assembly constituency of Solan district. The Chief Minister inaugurated the Government Post Graduate College at Mandodhar built at a cost of Rs 12.69 crore, APMC rest house at Sabzi Mandi Dharampur built at a cost of Rs 72 lakh and lift water supply schemes worth Rs 8.01 crore for Barog, Bohli, Bhojangar settlements.

Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu upgradation work of Dharampur to Kathani road at a cost of Rs 18.83 crore, upgradation work of Gambharpul to Mamlig road at a cost of Rs 9.40 crore, upgradation of Lauhanji to Katal-Kathar-Madi Ghat road at a cost of Rs 11.29 crore, Rs 10.01 crore Improvement work of Sukhi Johri-Kadan-Katal Bagh road, connection road of village Bhanet with Rs 1.55 crore, science laboratory of Government Senior Secondary School Sultanpur with Rs 1.33 crore, lift irrigation scheme improvement Haripur to be constructed with Rs 1.20 crore.

Laid the foundation stone of Gram Panchayat Bhawan Sultanpur costing Rs 1.61 crore, upgradation works of industrial roads in Parwanoo Township costing Rs 12.14 crore and Him Era Shop Mart Jabali. Addressing a huge public meeting in Dharampur, the Chief Minister said that some Congress MLAs sold their integrity and went against the party and cross-voted in the Rajya Sabha elections. He said, “Not even any divine power can save those who adopted unethical behavior and betrayed the party to get cross votes.”

The budget was to be passed on 28 February, but some MLAs threatened the Speaker. Under the protection of CPRPF and Haryana Police, six rebel Congress MLAs reached Shimla by helicopter, but did not sit in the Assembly to get the budget passed. Today the rebels are hiding and their family members are also worried about them. He said that to provide benefits to the common people, the present state government has started many welfare schemes without any demand, which perhaps the BJP did not like.

In its first budget, the state government made efforts to curb corruption, whereas this time in the second budget, many provisions have been made for the common people. He said that the minimum wage was increased to Rs 400, the state government brought a scheme to bear the expenses of higher education of the children of widowed women and increased the minimum support price of milk, but when the turn came to pass the budget, six MLAs from the party showed betrayal. Did. He said that under the policies of the state government, today 4000 orphan children of the state are living a life with dignity.

The Chief Minister said, “I have come for you, will work for you and am not afraid of conspiracies.” I will not allow the state’s wealth to be looted at any cost. Those who have come after selling their faith, what service will they provide? Not money, but people are the strength of the present state government. In his emotional address, Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that BJP is trying to destabilize the elected government which is unfortunate.

He said that the leader of the opposition is probably hungry for power whereas I am more interested in serving the public than the chair. The Chief Minister said that he struggled throughout his life and faced difficulties boldly. The present state government will definitely complete its tenure of five years. He said that he has become the Chief Minister with the blessings of Rahul Gandhi and it is Rahul Gandhi who has shown him the path to serve the poor honestly.

The present state government is a government of the common man and will never tolerate exploitation of the common man. The Chief Minister said that the government tried to strengthen the economic condition of the state during its 14-month tenure. Last year thousands of houses were completely damaged due to natural disaster. I know the feeling of common family very well because I myself come from a common family, hence the rules have been changed to increase the financial assistance of Rs 1.30 lakh in disaster to Rs 7 lakh.

The Chief Minister announced the opening of Jal Shakti Department division in Kasauli assembly constituency and degree college in Subathu. He said that where the MLA will provide land, a playground will be built there and adequate funds will be made available for it. Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. (Colonel) Dhani Ram Shandil said that democracy has been achieved through sacrifices and democracy should run in accordance with the Constitution.

He said that some greedy people tried to strangle democracy, to which a befitting reply was given. He said that if a mistake made in the morning comes back home in the evening then it is not called a mistake. He said that the welfare schemes being brought by the Chief Minister are not for politics, but to serve the people. Chief Parliamentary Secretary Chaudhary Ram Kumar said that power-hungry people tried to destroy democracy. He said that the Chief Minister is serving the people honestly and the government will run for full five years. There has been no allegation of corruption against the state government in the last 14 months.

The Chief Minister sincerely believes in working for the people and he is completing the works of public interest suggested by all the MLAs on priority. Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthi said that the present state government has the prayers of lakhs of people and blessings of Gods and Goddesses. He said that an attempt was made to grab power by destabilizing the government with money power, which is condemnable. The coming generations will remember this incident as a dark chapter in history and it has brought shame to the entire state.

He said that in 14 months the present government has fulfilled 4 election guarantees and in the coming time all the guarantees will be fulfilled in a phased manner. Local MLA Vinod Sultanpuri said that the Chief Minister is a warrior as well as an honest leader, who received God’s blessings at the time of crisis. Becoming emotional, he said that some colleagues have betrayed him, but today all the MLAs are standing firmly with the Chief Minister. He said that the MLA of Kasauli is not for sale and we all will maintain the self-respect of Himachal. He expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister for various projects worth Rs 88.78 crore for Kasauli Assembly constituency.

On this occasion, INTUC State President Baba Hardeep Singh, Jogindra Bank Chairman Mukesh Sharma, District Congress President Shiv Kumar, Kasauli Block Congress President Devendra Sharma, Congress leader Surendra Sethi, APMC Solan Chairman Roshan Thakur and other dignitaries were present.

CM Sukhu Unveils Development Projects Worth Rs 88.78 Crore In Kasauli Constituency

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