Chamba Pangi Jukaru || Pangi: On the 10th day of the 12-day Jukaroo festival in Pangi Valley, tribal area of ​​district Chamba. Dashalu fair was organized on the day. Dashalu fair is celebrated in four panchayats of Pangi valley.

In which this fair is celebrated in Mindhal, Thandal village of Purthi Panchayat , Rei Panchayat and Shaur Panchayat. A lot of enthusiasm was seen among the people amid heavy snowfall on Monday. At present there is about one foot snowfall in Pangi Valley. But despite this, people’s faith did not diminish.

What is the history of Dashalu fair?

On this day, villagers plaster their homes with red clay and then prepare offerings to their clan goddess and go to the temple. After worshiping in the temple, a fair is organized in the sacred pandal with drums and drums. The special thing in this fair is that on the tenth day, special worship is done in Mindhal Mata temple. On this day, miracles are seen in the temple of Mindhal Mata.

On the day of Dasalu fair, Maa Mindhal Vasni Thathadi (disciple) opened the door of the temple with a snow ball. On the day of this Dasalu fair of Mindhal village, the main members of the house and the villagers together reach Mena Pandal with sacred flowers (zebra) in their hands. Where first of all worship is done for the welfare of the world.

After which, Thathadi i.e. the disciple of Mindhal Mata goes to the temple to collect the needle. Although in Mindhal village there was a custom of offering sacrifice before taking the needle on the day of this fair , but after the orders of the government, now only coconut and other materials are offered on the day of this fair. People come from different panchayats of the valley to see this fair.

The most interesting thing is that on the day of this fair, the main Thathadi of Mindhal Mata reaches Mindhal village after walking about 27 kilometers in the morning. The main reason for this is that the main disciple of Mindhal Mata i.e. Kartar Singh, a resident of Thamoh of Thathadi Kilar , who after offering puja at his home on the day of celebrating Nawalu and Dashalu, has to reach Mindhal Temple wearing Chunni and Chonu of Mindhal Mata temple. .

Dashalu Fair In Pangi Valley

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