Satyapal Singh, AMIE Mechanical Engg., Northern Railway, Yamunanagar 

  1. A Sweet Memoir

I, Satyapal Singh, was posted as Junior Engineer (Bridge) at Moradabad Division, Northern Railway in year 2006. It was my Head Quarter at Moradabad Division.


I was returning from Moradabad to Roorkee after completion of my duty by a passenger train. I was sitting near window to see the natural beauty and platform scene and the train whistled & about to leave the station. Slowly- slowly the speed of train was increased and finally the train was running at 100 kmph. I was watching everything carefully during the journey.


The upcoming station was Laksar Jn., where the train was stopped. When my train reached at Laksar Jn. station, I got off the train for drinking water and I saw, there were people who surrounded shabby clothes woman and she was weeping & crying “MERA BACHHA MERA BACHHA”. I also went to there for watching what is happening here. Just behind the crowded area there was an office of station master.


When I saw this crowd then I asked to one person, who was stand there, what happened here, why the people were surrounded that women, he told me that a minor child of that women has been lost in the train. After listening this, I feel shocked and went to my compartment where my duty bag was kept; I picked up my duty handy bag from the seat and came out from the compartment and decided that I will try my best to find out lost minor baby.


Passengers and some other people were standing around this pitiable woman and discussing about her lost minor child in the train. But nobody was ready to search of minor child.


I discussed with the woman about the whole story how this did happen. The woman was weeping very badly and she told me tearfully that, she started travel with her minor child of age almost 6 months from Saharanpur Railway station to Haridwar by a passenger train to see his old aged father who had been ill for a long period and passing his last days on the cot at his home. She purchased ticket from booking window and entered in the passenger train with her minor child from Saharanpur railway station. All was going well, suddenly She felt thirsty, she had no water bottle with her then she thought that I will get off the train on the next stoppage to drink water. Next stoppage was Roorkee, She got off the train when train stopped at Roorkee railway station for drinking water and she left her minor child alone in compartment in which she was travelling with her child. But due to rush at water tap on platform, she could not able to drink water and mean while, the train stoppage time was finished and the train was about to leave the platform, Railway  traffic signal become green, train gave whistle and train started moving. Woman could not get in this moving train and train left the platform. She was running behind the train with making sound “my child my child’ but train left the Roorkee Railway station. Now woman was weeping and puzzled at Roorkee Railway station. After 10 minutes an another express train reached at Roorkee Railway station from Saharanpur. By this express train this woman reached at Laksar Jn because this was an Express train in which woman was travelling to find out her baby so it did not stop at Dhandera, Landhaura and Dausni Railway station.

An old age passenger who was sitting in her compartment, in which her minor baby left, took her baby and kept her baby with him from Roorkee Station to DHANDHERA station. Further he picked up baby and get off the passenger train with minor   baby at Dhandhera Railway Station and informed about this lost child to Station master Dhandera. Dhanedra station master informed about this event to control room Moradabad.


This event happened between Roorkee railway stations, Laksar jn. & Dhandhera station and the time were 2.30 PM after noon.


People were Listening very surprising, and discussing with each other. Some people asking many questions to baby mother but doing nothing.


After hearing all the event of this lost minor child, I asked women please show me both trains in which you travel from Roorkee to Laksar. She shown me/ indicate first & second i.e. passenger and express both train those trains were standing at Laksar Platform.

Then at first I go to guard compartment in the passenger train & told him about event. But there is no avail, then I personally search guard toilet & other 7 coach in full length with seat and berth as well as  7×4= 28 Toilets. Then I meet to Driver of this train but they replied we do not know about this event.

Then I checked express train standing on the platform, in same manner as guard cabin, toilet and 13 coaches in full length with seat and berth and 13×4= 52 Toilets. And then meet crew staff of train i.e. loco pilot, co- pilot, but result is zero.

Then I went to GRP (Govt. Rly Police) office, Laksar and gave them my introduction and ask him did you have any information about lost minor child then I ask him please talk to Roorkee GRP office, may be they have anything clue about it, but after talking Roorkee GRP official but no any positive reply received from there.

Then I went to RPF incharge office Laksar Railway station and told  them  all story about lost  minor child but they reply we did not received any complaint about it. Then RPF incharge talk to RPF police Roorkee station but no result.

After thus I enter into Station master Laksar Jn. office and taken magneto phone and talk to my friend servicing in Railway and told him about all story happened in brief. I asked him did you have any clue about this lost minor child. He told me that after noon  I heard a  about talking on controller about this that a minor child is sleeping at Dhandhera Railway Station who is left by his mother  and a very old man is with him.

Then I talk to ASM, Laksar please I want to talk with Asst. Station master Dhandera Railway Station & he gave me his magneto phone for talking with Assistant Station Master Dhandera. Then I told him (ASM/ Dhandhera Railway) about whole event briefly give me dress particulars of child i.e. Cap colour, shirt, Nikkar, Shoes, Shock, water bottle etc. I noted them in my dairy with my blue gel pen. After this I told to Assistant station Master Laksar Jn. That child was found and   call baby” mother I want to talk her. And I told about full dress of baby to her mother as noted from ASM Dhandhera, Baby mother satisfied with all noted dress of baby. Then I told Asst. Station master Laksar Jn. Now please make arrangement for train to go at Dhandera Jn. Now time was 10 PM night then I gave tea and biscuit to that lady. After an hour 13307 UP Dhanbad Firozpur express train reached at Laksar Station. I told ASM/LRJ please allowing some another man up to Dhandera Rly station where baby was sleeping. He gave a passenger with me. Now we are 3 (2 men + 1 mother) and stand near compartment door.  Although this express train have no stoppage at Dhandhera Railway Station but  ASM /Laksar Jn, have already been taken special permission from controller Moradabad HQ to  stop this train  at Dhandhera, Meanwhile station master taken special permission for stop as 13307 Up ( Dhanbad- firozpur) express train almost  Within 15 minute train reached Dhandera and a red signal Laltern men was standing  between  railway track in night to stop train. We all three person  immediately  step Down from this train compartment  and run  toward Station Master/Dhandera & briefly  told him story. He replied me no need about it Station Master Laksar told me everything, than I saw baby who was sleeping on the Rly. RCC passengers Bench.  I questioned to women is this your child?.She replied yes this is my child, than I saw old aged passengers almost 80 year old. He took baby from passenger train. Then enquire from baba when & where he wants to go. Baba said I have to  go Dausni village .Then I told him (baba) now you can go.   Thanks a lot of for caring baby, we are grate full to you for this act of kindness. Now your train reach after an hour u can go your destination by this next passengers coming down side train.   Then I told to Assistant station Master  that please allow to stay this lady with her baby till morning and do not allow to go with any train as she is not active lady. I gave rickshaw fare and bus fare from Roorkee to Saharanpur to this lady and feeding money for baby.

Then I shake hand with station Master and train was still stop, then we get in the  train and reach at Roorkee railway station  and went home by foot because I had no money for rickshaw fare.

My father asked me why you did come late then I told him about full story in brief. He told me that you did a good job.


It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.  As we seed we will reap.  Our KARMA constructs our LUCK. Life is precious, so we should care / save life at any cost. Saving of life of a baby is greatest work/ if our karma is very good in favour of Country and society and human life then no need to worship in temple. Do the   right trust in god? We should keep our thought correct because our thought became our KARMA and our Karma will be our Luck in future.

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