Day 3 of Trekking Expedition commences with trek to Indrunag


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Dharamshala: On the third day of the All India Girls Trekking Expedition, the cadets were taken to Indrunag. The event commenced with Colonel Sanjay Shandil providing the cadets with essential trekking information before their departure. Colonel Shandil shared detailed insights on systematic planning, preparations, and additional necessities for trekking. He emphasized the importance of maintaining health through a balanced diet before and during the trek.

Upon reaching the Indrunag Temple, the cadets learned about its history and observed paragliding at the paragliding site. Colonel Sanjay Shandil accompanied the cadets throughout the trek. During this time, the opening address for Batch 2 took place, where all cadets, ANOs (Associated NCC Officers), and GCIs (Girl Cadet Instructors) were given trekking caps. Following this, the cadets visited the Martyrs Memorial and the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) Stadium.
After returning from the trek, Colonel Sanjay Shandil checked on the cadets and boosted their morale. In the evening, a session on health and hygiene was conducted by senior resource person Dr. Anuradha. This session focused on the importance and benefits of adolescent health and hygiene. The cadets had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts.

Additionally, Dr. Bhullar from the disaster management department provided a demonstration of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). CPR is an emergency procedure that can help save someone’s life if their breathing or heart stops. Dr. Bhullar explained that knowledge of this procedure can double or triple the chances of saving a person’s life.

Thus, the activities on the third day introduced the cadets to critical aspects of trekking, health, hygiene, and disaster management, enhancing their knowledge and confidence.

All India Girls Trekking Expedition starts on high note


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