The Girl Who Dares to Dream — Harpreet Kaur


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Harpreet (12)

Sonia Dogra, Keekli Reporter, September, 2016

Harpreet (5)If there is grit and courage, it is definitely personified as eighteen year old Harpreet Kaur, the Karate Champion from Mansa in Punjab. Born in a family of five children, Harpreet was introduced to the Martial Arts in the year 2011 when she was thirteen years old. “It was a regular coaching session in school during which Coach Harish Sharma spotted me and told me to join his Academy”. That was the beginning of a new journey for Harpreet. She joined coach Harish Sharma’s Shaheed Bhagat Singh Karate Academy. That very year she participated at the district level and won the bronze medal.

Harpreet (7)The year 2012 brought in several openings and Harpreet represented the country in the Asian Games Under-14 Category. Though she did not win a medal but was appreciated for her precision and moves.

“It was a great learning experience and the same year I got an opportunity to visit Japan for a karate championship and I brought home another bronze medal.”

Harpreet (2)Harpreet lost her father at a very young age. She lives with two elder brothers and her mother. Says Harpreet, “My mother is a home maker and very supportive of what I do. She stays indoors most of the time and doesn’t want me to just do household chores like her. She wants me to be outgoing and to do well professionally”.

Encouraged by her teachers as well, while she is studying in Government School Mansa, she participated at the District level in 2013 winning another bronze and a coveted silver at the National level.

Karate, according to Harpreet, is a sport of both physical and mental endurance. She never misses her practice sessions and has remained true to the sport for over five years now.

Harpreet (1)Harpreet has not had it easy like many other children. But as they say, “where there is a will there is a way”. And she has managed to find her way in life. Today, at eighteen years of age, Harpreet is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in humanities with Physical Education. Her day starts with classes in college till two in the afternoon. Thereafter, she runs to teach karate to young children and takes classes from 3 to 6pm in the evening. The fag end of the evening is spent helping her mother at home and it is only until late in the night that she sits down to study and complete her college work. Thus, the day ends late at twelve in the night for her. Commendably, Harpreet pays her fees in college with the amount collected by taking karate classes. She is truly a fighter for life.

Harpreet (3)The year 2015 was the golden year for Harpreet. It was last year that in the District Karate Championship she won her first Gold medal. The same year Harpreet took up Taekwondo, another Martial Art form, and went on to win a gold at the National level in her very maiden year.

“To associate myself with an organisation which provides me a wide scope for learning and a competitive job to utilise my capabilities towards organisational goals”. Thus, reads Harpreet’s CV. Hoping to have a flourishing career in the sport, Harpreet has her target well in sight when many of her age are still struggling to have an aim.

Taking larger strides in Taekwondo, she has just bagged a silver medal in the Delhi Championship.

Citing some basic problems like unavailability of sponsors for kits etc., Harpreet dismisses these issues as minor and is sure that they can never deter her from her chosen path. And we do know that when she says this, she shows us the mettle of a true champion.

Looking up to her role models — Coach Harish Sharma and boxing champ Mary Kom — Harpreet herself  is a great example of one who has risen from the ashes. We definitely salute the indefatigable spirit of Harpreet and wish her a world of success !



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