Tanishq Prakash, Class 9, DAV New Shimla, Shimla

They’re together laughing at a joke,
And I’m not sure if he’s smiling at the joke or smiling at her,
Her smile after years that has just woke,
From a nightmare that’s now just a blur.

I see them and I see the spark in their eyes,
And then I heed the pain within,
But still from the world they’ve cut all ties,
And they’ve found a stretch of happiness… Even if it’s thin.

I don’t know their story,
But I know the truths they’re trying to ignore,
The truths behind the smiles so free,
And the inked pages from their life they’ve just tore.

They’ve found happiness in their darkest nights,
And have simply ignored what hurts them,
Passed through the wrongs and right,
And treat a stone like a gem.

So let me too believe the simplest, dear heart,
Life is short and bleak is its view,
Lies and truths: no more different, not apart,
Just the same, nothing’s fake, nothing’s true.

And now I pretend too like the world, like them,
And urge my heart to see something simpler,
Just two people together curled,
And their eyes don’t hide anything, it’s just another him and her.



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