Himachal To Have Enhanced Weather Monitoring Technology


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आक्षेप के लिए पुनरीक्षण प्राधिकारी नियुक्त

Himachal Pradesh will soon have complete coverage of scientific data for weather forecasting as the State Government mulls to set up two more Doppler Radar Stations in Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti districts to predict the weather forecast. This step this will enhance the alert system to predict future weather trends, while alerting meteorologists to upcoming precipitation, storms or severe weather, which will help to adopt the safety measures much in advance. Recently, two Doppler Radar Stations at Jot in Chamba district and Murari Devi in Mandi district have been established thereby 70 percent area of the state is already covered.

These stations can generate scientific data on the severity of weather in a radius of 100 kilometers each and with the establishment of two more stations, coverage of the whole state will be ensured for weather forecasting well in time. The Doppler Radar Technology will enable the meteorologists to accurately forecast the arrival of precipitation and ability to forecast the location, the intensity and severity of the bad weather and to highlight whether there’s a high or low probability of danger to life and property. The frequent occurrence of heavy rains, thunderstorms and hailstorms in Himachal, makes it even more pertinent to have these radar stations, thereby enhancing the weather monitoring capabilities, enabling the administration to make early arrangements to mitigate damages caused by disasters and to ensure safety of life.

The Chief Minister said that the matter has been raised to set up these new stations with the Union Government and the process for set up was well in its advanced stage. He said that the state government was committed to leveraging cutting edge technology for the benefits to the people of the State. Apart from setting up Doppler Radar Stations, the State Government is also focusing on establishing high-tech seismic observatory cum data analysis centers in Kangra and Hamirpur districts with the help of the Union Government. The observatory and data analysis centers will aid in the early detection and warning of earthquakes, which can potentially save lives and minimize damages.


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