Himalayan Tales Unleashed: A Spellbinding Theatre Festival


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Himachal’s Unique Children’s Theatre Festival: Showcasing Local Talent and Literary Heritage

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In the enchanting realm of Himachal Pradesh, a grand announcement echoes through the valleys. It resonates with the creative spirit of 20 talented Himachali writers, each adorned with a unique story. As if by destiny’s design, these 20 stories shall find their place in the hearts of 20 eager schools, where the magic of words will be transformed into captivating One Act Plays.

Himalayan Tales

Every detail of this extraordinary endeavor has been meticulously planned. Not only will the children have the opportunity to witness these wondrous performances, but they shall also partake in theater workshops alongside their teachers. The core team, a wellspring of knowledge and experience, shall impart invaluable lessons and guidance to all involved.

This remarkable journey began with Keekli, a brainchild that flourished with the support and camaraderie of friends, with a special mention to our media partner HimachalTonite. As time passed, it grew into a vibrant village, attracting senior writers who selflessly dedicate their time to engage with children and participate in our events. Together, we have traversed milestones, and with your blessings, we shall continue to reach even greater heights.

Now, A New Chapter Unfolds — (Himalayan Tales)

A Theater Festival for City Students. Twenty awe-inspiring One Act Plays shall grace the stage, each an adaptation of the mesmerizing stories penned by our Himachali writers. We invite our esteemed writers to submit their tales for consideration, and we also welcome recommendations of remarkable stories that have captured your imagination.

The deadline for story submissions is 4th June (Sunday). While preference will be given to stories published by the Trust through various competitions, age is no barrier for participation. However, the selected stories should not have been previously enacted.

Twenty stories shall be carefully chosen by our core team, bearing witness to the exceptional storytelling prowess of our writers. We kindly request your gracious participation and support as we embark on yet another thrilling adventure with Keekli.

Ali Khans — The Story of Musical Legends


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