Winter Carnival Ice Skating Rink Shimla

Winter Carnival Ice Skating Rink ShimlaRitanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 27th December, 2018, Shimla

Time to glide on ice has finally come for the winter sports lovers. One of the oldest natural Ice Skating Rink brims with life as people flood to slither on ice.   

Shimla is among one of the few blessed places to have a natural Ice Skating Rink. After a long dry spell, finally the much awaited winter sports sessions not only brought smiles on the faces of many but also celebrated its Annual Event Winter Carnival after six years.

Winter Carnival Ice Skating Rink ShimlaWhile expressing their opinion on the current sessions little ones shared, “We have been skating from past couple of years. It’s a blessed to be born in the city where we have a natural rink. This time we all are excited as the session began early as compared to few past years and for a change this time ice formation is also much better as compared to the previous years.”

This year not only did the session begin early but even managed to have their carnival which had been missing since a long time due to unfavourable weather conditions. Various events were held to showcase the talent of the skaters on different levels.

There were races in different age groups and categories. Dance by three young aspiring skaters mesmerized all. A couple dance turned out as the icing to the cake as a pair of two couples comprising of father and daughter (Peter Ta Tung and Joanie Mary Ling) and Suparna Jain and Naresh took the spectators’ breath away with their graceful passionate dance on ice. It was a pleasure to watch two different generations together setting ice on fire with their dance.

Jump over the basket too turned out to be great fun where many not only tried and tested their skating skills but also kept the spectators on the edge of their seats watching this thrilling sport.

Winter Carnival Ice Skating Rink ShimlaPankaj Prabhakar, an executive members of Simla Ice Skating Club as well as one of the organizers, while informing about the carnival said, “As compared to last year this time skating began in second week of December and we are lucky that after a six-year dry spell, the weather god has smiled upon us by giving us the favourable condition to skate and host our carnival. Due to change in the environment, sessions have definitely shifted as in 90’s we have even skated in the month of November, but still our effort has always been to provide with best to our members and winter sports lover with whatever we have.”

“On January 2, 2019 there will be Jim Khana and from January 4, 2019 training camp for figure skating is going to be organized for the interested members. The fee for the camp will be Rs.1500 per member and on January 9, 2019 there will be figure skating open championship”, he informed further.

Last but not the least came the turn for the traditional torch dance which was lead by Secretary of the club Bhavnesh Banga and followed by the members of the rink.

Speaking on the occasion DC Shimla as well as well as the President of the Club Amit Kashyap who presided over as the Chief Guest, appreciated the handwork and recalled the days of the past. He also insisted on how people who had left the City miss the rink and how lucky the skaters are to have a chance to skate in the natural rink. He insisted that members and management should go hand in hand and maintain the charm of the place intact as it always takes two to tango.

It is always better late than never as same is applicable in this case. Smiles are spread on lips of all young students and aspiring skaters who could not wait for their exams to end and have fun on the ice. More than 150 members have enrolled themselves for this session of skating and all hopefully made wonderful memories during this carnival day filled with fun and excitement.


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