Chairman, HP State Food Commission Dr. Surender S. Ghonkrokta, called on Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar at Raj Bhavan today. Official and non-official members of the Commission were also present on the occasion.

On the occasion, the Governor said that the state has its own standard of nutrition and parameters. He also stressed on the need to aware people regarding nutrition security.

They discussed various issues related to nutrition and food security and said that the Commission has prepared a draft policy of the state.

Dr. Surender said that while formulating the policy, the Commission has focused on an integrated approach where the involvement of other line departments like agriculture, animal husbandry and health department have also been defined.

Non-official members Ramesh Gangotra and Prem Chauhan, official members including Jyoti Rana, Hemis Negi, K.R. Saizal and Anil Chauhan were also present on the occasion.


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